Why the new Twitter CEO will most likely end up destroying the platform, which will be a win for free speech.

Tyler S. Farley

It didn’t take long for the super-woke new CEO of Twitter to start implementing bizarre new polices which essentially gives Twitter the flexibility to remove any post they want.

Not more than 24 hours after being announce as the successor to Jack Dorsey, Parag Agrwawal implemented a new policy stating that any image or content containing a private person may be removed under new guidelines.

The new policy is sold as a way to stop harassment, but the real reason is quite obvious.

With this new policy, Twitter can now censor any video or images of a public event that they don’t want the public to see. Almost any video or image posted of a public event will contain private citizens. This means any breaking news story or event can now be censored so that Twitter can fully control the narrative and what people see as news breaks.

A perfect example is the recent Astroworld tragedy. Shared video of that incident helped inform the public that this was no accident and instead the result of gross negligence and could have been prevented.

But under the new Twitter policy, those videos and images could have all been taken down, and the blame could have been placed on attendees and concert-goes instead of those in charge.

I could cite more examples, but you should be able to easily see where this is headed. Twitter wants to control what users see when it comes to breaking news that they want to control.

But this move will most likely backfire. Twitter is already a dying platform and mostly is just used by other outlets to provide soundbites or quotes from famous people.

However, once the obvious censorship begins over a  breaking news event that people care about, it will seal Twitter’s fate as a useless platform corrupted by censorship.

Twitter’s new CEO is so trapped in this Silicon Valley echo chamber there is no way he will act any differently than he already has. He has no contact with reality, and his moves on Twitter will almost assuredly backfire in spectacular fashion.

Parag Agrwawal lives in a past where many people still had favorable views of social media companies and naively thought that maybe they still had the power to do good. But today, the tide is turning and even the audience that guys like Parag Agrwawal cater to have soured on social media. They openly admit it’s toxic and even begrudgingly admit that censorship is taking place and is a problem.

At this point, it’s fair to say that Twitter’s days are numbered with Agrwawal now at the helm. His views on censorship are far more authoritarian than even Jack Dorsey. So it shouldn’t be long before he exposes himself and Twitter for the propaganda outlet that it is.