The Thanksgiving Day Omicron media blitz is starting to look like it was an experiment to gauge the public’s reaction.

Tyler S. Farley

We all know the establishment covid cabal loves to destroy and ruin traditional Western holidays.

Ever since the pandemic started, officials seem unusually focused on restricting how people choose to celebrate or worship during traditional Western holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

Governors and officials like Dr. Fauci have even gone so far as trying to restrict what instruments you’re allowed to play in your own home during holiday gatherings. Even more bizarre, before this Thanksgiving, CBS news had an expert on-air that suggested you have your holiday guests wait in the garage while you administer covid rapid-tests, and only allow those inside who have passed. I assume if grandma doesn’t pass her test, you leave her in the freezing garage.

But beyond all this, there was something very strange about the media blitz that occurred on Thanksgiving regarding the new variant dubbed: Omicron.

For starters, Omicron has been around for months, and experts are familiar with it and also familiar with what the symptoms are. They know symptoms have been mild in almost all confirmed cases.

But if you spent your Thanksgiving watching the media coverage of Omicron, it was a totally different story. The variant was sold as the most deadly yet, and the one that experts are the most scared of. It was also sold as something that was newly detected, despite being written about months ago in several journals.

But now, just a few days later. It’s been confirmed by the experts working directly with the virus in South Africa that patients have all had mild symptoms. The media knew all this of course, but they sold it as the deadliest variant ever for the first 24 hours and only now are they starting to walk it back.

But why?

It’s starting to look like this was all part of some experiment to gauge the public’s reaction. To see if the public was responsive to more fear-triggering or if they had grown tired of it.

The establishment wanted to find out if the covid pandemic still has legs or has it run out of steam.

Most of the coverage of Omicron has already fizzled out. It was a nothing-burger despite being sold as a deadly new wave in the first 24 hours.

We’ve already written on this site how officials like Dr. Fauci and others are managing this whole pandemic like one of their deranged experiments. Constantly giving out conflicting and false information just to gauge the response, exactly like an experiment is conducted.

It seems this latest Omicron nonsense is just more of the same. False and misleading information fed to the public just to create another data point that officials can use to keep this whole thing going as long as possible.