Just like the lockdowns, the supply shortages only hurt the poor and working class. The wealthy ruling class is completely unaffected.

Tyler S. Farley

As supply shortages grow around the country and even around the world, there’s a striking similarity to the shutdowns we all just endured during the over-hyped pandemic.

Both of these things disproportionately disrupt the poor and middle class, while leaving the wealthy totally unscathed.

The lockdowns were without a doubt one of the worst decisions in public policy over the last 100 years. Cities around the country are now in chaos as a result and crime has risen upwards of 200% in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Combine that with empty storefronts and abandoned business, and you have the beginnings of a collapse in what use to be the most successful cities in the world.

But has the ruling class felt any of this pain? No, not at all. In fact, most have seen their wealth increase greatly.

As regular Americans were struggling to pay rent when their jobs were shut down, the ruling class Tweeted from their luxury vacation homes about how we all must work together to fight the “pandemic”.

But all of that is well known by now. People are well aware they were taken for a ride by their leaders. There was never a need to shutdown the economy, and there is no proof that it even saved a single life.

So now we move to the next calamity, which is the growing supply shortages.

From potato chips to micro-chips, everything is suddenly in short supply and nobody can really offer a complete explanation for why it is all happening.

But just like the lockdowns, these shortages only impact the poor and regular working class. The wealthy don’t feel the pinch at all.

For a waitress who needs a used car to get to work, she’ll be paying close to 20% more due to the shortages plaguing new car production. That’s money she’ll never recover when she sells the car in a few years after things have leveled off.

Do you think the wealthy face the same issues? Of course not. They don’t deal with used cars and shopping trips to the local Wal-Mart where shelves are becoming empty.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi will go without her favorite ice cream during these shortages or will she simply have it flown in on her private jet that she somehow affords on a public servant’s salary.

As you can see, the wealthy ruling class will not be impacted at all by the coming supply shortages. In many cases, they’ll enjoy it as things become more scarce and they find even more things they can enjoy that the rest of society has to live without. Before it was just luxury cars and clothes, but now the wealthy can boast about having basic supplies while regular working class people fight over the last roll of toilet paper.

So if you’re starting to notice a trend during the Great Reset, you’re not wrong. Every huge global event seems to leave the wealthy totally unscathed while the working class finds itself hung out to dry.