Was the Google keyword warrant story truly a “leak”, or was the goal to frighten people into not researching sensitive topics?

Tyler S. Farley

A common tactic by agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA is to make sure the public knows exactly how completely surveilled they truly are. Many people now believe this is the reason behind the Snowden leaks and other revelations that show just how powerful these spy networks are.

It’s a way to indirectly flex their muscle to deter people from speaking up or taking any other action. This is also common in dictatorships and other tyrannical countries. It’s easier to prevent uprisings by using fear instead of waiting until the uprisings happen and have to crush them by force. Think of it like the way video security cameras are often used more as a deterrent than an actual form of evidence gathering. Most security cameras often are very visible and even have signs for this specific purpose.

So this brings us to the recent revelation that the government has been issuing secret warrants to Google and forcing them to divulge all users who have searched for specific keywords.

While the release of this information has been reported to be a leak that was discovered by “accident’, one has to wonder if that’s really the case.

As mentioned earlier, the government wants you to know and fear the fact that you are surveilled. It makes their job much easier. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This definitely holds true when keeping a population in line.

As we know, one of the buzzwords the government keeps throwing around is “misinformation”. We keep hearing how dangerous this so-called misinformation is and that people are searching for and reading such data.

In other words, the government and the media doesn’t like you going out and doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions. Instead, they want you to simply listen to the official establishment talking points and accept them as gospel.

So there has been a campaign to label anything that goes against the establishment narrative as misinformation. Not only that, a secondary campaign is underway to say that misinformation is dangerous, and possibly even an act of domestic terrorism in certain cases.

So with all that being said, we have to look at this latest revelation in a new light. What better way to prevent people from searching or researching sensitive topics than to make them believe all their searches are accessed by the FBI or other law enforcement agency.

For an overwhelming majority of the population, such a scare tactic is enough for them to simply not look into things. For them, it’s just not worth the risk and the unknown. So instead of going down that “rabbit hole”, they will simply click on something else.

We already know that there are very few authentic “leaks” in this world. Everything is revealed for a reason and by the ones who can benefit from the release. So it’s not at all outside the realm of possibility that this leak was yet another scare tactic by government agencies to make sure people are afraid of their every action being watched and recorded.

When you look at the broader context of current events, this “leak” seems to be yet another tactic to make people fearful of questioning or going against the official narrative.