The media’s star treatment of the Facebook “whistleblower” should tell you everything you need to know. Facebook wants regulation so no competitors can enter the space.

Tyler S. Farley

The news program 60 Minutes aired a carefully produced segment last night with a supposed Facebook “whistleblower”.

While on the surface, this may seem like the media has finally jumped on board to shine a light on shady tech giants, but in reality that’s not what happened at all.

In the interview, a Facebook employee known as Frances Haugen explained how Facebook puts profit ahead of the “public good” with the way they run their platform. (Full interview below)

Of course, such criticism is nothing new, and that’s the biggest problem with this fake whistleblower. Everything she said is already widely known by almost anyone in the public. No new information was shared, and that’s a major red flag.

Next up is the softball question and bizarrely vague answer that Haugen gives when asked why she chose to reveal this information. In her answer, she stated a friend of hers had died due to “online conspiracy theories”.

The interviewer made no follow up questions on this nor was it explained further. So apparently online conspiracies can somehow materialize into some physical form and murder people, or at least that’s the suggestion.

But that answer foreshadowed the rest of the biased interview, where the entire premise of the whistleblower’s case was prefaced by the suggestion that Facebook’s loose policies led to the “insurrection” on January 6th.

Of course, I won’t get into the fact that the FBI has already stated that no planned insurrection took place on January 6th, but here we have the media continuing to use that terminology when they know it’s false. But this continued throughout the whole interview as the term “misinformation” was meant as a euphemism for any content that goes against establishment propaganda talking points.

The interview went on with this one-sided stance, proclaiming that only those with conservative views are harmed or “radicalized” by Facebook. There was no mention of Antifa or other far-left users who openly call for violence on the platform on a regular basis.

The only criticism the whistleblower offered that wasn’t an attack on conservative viewpoints was to say that Instagram can harm the self-esteem of teenage girls. Once again, this is something everybody already knew and isn’t new information at all. Quite literally nobody needed a whistleblower to tell them that. So this was clearly throw-away information meant to soften the blow of an obviously one-sided and biased interview meant to paint conservatives and those who question establishment talking points in a bad light.

So with all of this being said, what was the real reason then behind the whistleblower interview? Why was this woman given the star treatment by the media when other social media whistleblowers are fired, publicly ridiculed, and never featured once in the mainstream media?

The answer is simple. She’s a plant.

Her job is part of a strategy by Facebook to bring about new censorship practices and ultimately, federal regulation.

A big secret here is that Facebook actually wants regulation, and the reason is simple.

With regulation, it will be almost impossible for new competitors to enter the social media space. No longer will a few guys with programming skills be able to build a new social platform to compete with the big tech giants. With regulation, there will be so much red-tape that you’ll need more lawyers and lobbyists than programmers to start a social network.

And just like every other regulatory body in America, the regulation of Facebook will be controlled by former Facebook executives, the same way the FDA is run by former pharmaceutical executives.

The technical term for this is regulatory capture, as industries gain control of the regulatory committees meant to oversee them. But in reality, it’s just simple corruption.

So don’t be fooled by the dog and pony show on 60 minutes this past weekend. You were fed a lie, and the table was set for Facebook to secretly ask for more regulation then pretend like they don’t want it.

The whole point will be to make Facebook a permanent fixture in American life, with no chance for any competitor to ever come along and dethrone them with a better product.