Dr. Fauci was never fighting the virus. Everything he’s done has been to obscure the evidence which shows he’s responsible for the entire pandemic.

Tyler S. Farley

The entire situation with Dr. Fauci and the pandemic is so perverse that I don’t think we’ve been able to wrap our heads around it just yet. It’s one of those things that’s so big, it may take time for everything to sink in and finally realize how insane and illogical the whole situation was.

It essentially all boils down to this. Dr. Fauci clearly was responsible for the funding and research that created covid-19. Then, the same Dr. Fauci becomes the “hero” who pretends to fight the virus, when in actuality most of his effort is covering up his own culpability and then redirecting the blame on others.

It’s a truly perverse situation, especially when you consider the “rock star” status that Fauci achieved early on. He was the darling of the media, Hollywood, and the establishment. He was throwing out the first pitch at baseball games when the rest of us were being locked down and our businesses were being forced closed. He was being featured on the cover of fashion magazines while Americans were waiting for their unemployment compensation.

The whole thing was truly perverse.

But now we come to exactly what Dr. Fauci has been doing all this time, and it’s not fighting the virus or looking for a cure. Instead, his time and effort has been focused on creating fall-guys to take the blame for why this pandemic is going on in the first place. The purpose of these fall-guys is to take the blame and spotlight off of himself, and onto these innocent groups of people.

It started with the face mask guidance. Something Dr. Fauci himself is on record saying doesn’t really help at all, or at best helps minimally. But once the evidence started to trickle out that the virus may have come from a lab in Wuhan that Dr. Fauci himself funded, then suddenly masks were all he could talk about.

The reasons for this are obvious in retrospect and when we zoom out and look at the whole picture. Dr. Fauci was knowingly creating his first “fall-guy”, that being the group of “anti-maskers” as the one’s responsible for the pandemic.

He suddenly now believed that masks were the single most effective strategy in fighting covid. He even had his surrogates promote the idea that if everyone wore a mask, the virus would be eradicated in 2 weeks. That notion is scientifically preposterous, yet it was widely circulated in the media at his request.

Once again, the whole purpose was to set up this invented group of “anti-maskers” as the real culprit and the real reason behind the pandemic that just won’t go away.

And that’s a key point here. Dr. Fauci knows very well that covid will be around forever in some form or another. He helped create it after all, so he’s well aware it will never be eradicated. It’s this fact that drives him and fuels him to set up these fall guys. He doesn’t want his legacy to be that of a misguided scientist who created a deadly pandemic. So he’s setting up other people to take the blame. Regular Americans he shifts the blame onto so he can avoid responsibility.

His goal is quite clear. Try to set the narrative that the only reason theĀ  covid is here to stay is because in the early days, those pesky “anti-maskers” and “anti-vaxxers” just didn’t listen to him. If they did, this would all be gone.

See, it’s not Fauci’s fault covid is now here forever. It’s your fault. That’s the story he wants in the history books and in the public conscious.

Of course, that brings us to the vaccines. As you have most likely noticed, the exact same playbook is being used by Fauci with the vaccines as he used with the masks.

He has studied vaccine roll-outs nearly his whole life. He is well aware he would ever achieve 100% vaccine compliance, or even 80% full vaccination compliance. But that’s the point. He can use the “anti-vaxx” movement to once again shift the blame away from himself.

He started this messaging very early on. Planting the fake notion that unvaccinated people are spreading the variants. This is completely false as we now know, and he knew it was false when he said it.

But like everything else, his whole goal was to plant the idea that somebody else was at fault for the never-ending pandemic, not him.

At this point, the pattern is very clear and the evidence is overwhelming. Dr. Fauci was instrumental in creating covid-19 and setting off the pandemic. But the image-obsessed Fauci doesn’t want that to be his legacy. So he’s fighting everyday to shift the blame to innocent Americans who dare question his true motivations. Motivations that we now know are completely self serving at the cost of innocent lives.