Simulation theory is pushed in pop culture by tech-billionaires so you reject spirituality and instead accept technology as your new god.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s no secret that tech billionaires want to become the new masters of the universe. As they enjoy being the wealthiest people on earth, they also enjoy the rush of power that comes from controlling massive amounts of information. With that information, they can control opinions, trends, and now even politics.

In a way, tech firms have become more powerful than governments. We see it in America, where every tech firm has banded together to oust any political ideology they don’t agree with. Currently this benefits one side of the political spectrum, but soon these tech companies will realize they don’t even need government at all anymore.

But beyond that, they need the people to have total trust and obedience to the technology they create. There can be no fear among the masses if their plans are to come to full realization. It’s this reason that the idea of a “simulation theory” has become so popular among the tech billionaire class.

People such as Elon Musk, who wants to implement brain implants that his company controls, is one of the most popular proponents of so-called simulation theory.

But a closer look at simulation theory and you start to realize it’s nothing more than a copy of creation theory, but they just replace god with technology. And that’s the key part in all of this and the one red flag that alerts you to the true purpose.

The people who currently control the most powerful technology are the same ones telling you that the world was created not by god, but by technology.

They want you to believe that technology is now your new god, and that the idea of spirituality is a scam, an illusion. They want you to believe your life lacks any true meaning, and your decisions and actions have no importance, as it’s all just make-believe.

Stop and think for a moment about that sort of world view. Your actions and beliefs are pointless since you are living in a make-believe simulation world. There is no higher purpose or higher power, there is no true humanity.

If you can push that sort of worldview on people, what do you think the outcome is? The outcome is they become hopeless, depressed, and hungry for anything to replace the hole you just created in their souls by telling them life is meaningless.

If you were trying to control a population through technology, doesn’t that all sound like the perfect way to do it. Put people into a state of spiritual denial and then offer them technological distractions to fill the void. Even worse, convince those people the world they live in was created by technology itself, so there is no point to fight it.

This is the reason why simulation theory has been adopted by the tech billionaire class as such as trendy opinion. It places them as the new gods, so of course they want to promote the idea.

So don’t be fooled by this latest attempt to rob you of your humanity and spirituality. These tech billionaires may be the inventors of clever technology, but they are not gods. They are deeply flawed men who are driven by insecurities and lack the wisdom to wield the power they’ve stumbled upon.