If you suggested Dr. Fauci had sold out to the CCP, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist. But now we learn it’s much worse, even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a CCP sell out.

Tyler S. Farley

I suppose at this point it may be easier to single out who isn’t a CCP sell out in our government as opposed to trying to name all of them that are.

Of course, incidents such as Congressman Eric Swalwell sleeping with a known Chinese spy may seem like simple tabloid stories, but they tell us how completely the CCP has infiltrated all aspects of our government. For those unaware, Congressman Swalwell was sitting on the House Intelligence Committee while sleeping with known Chinese spy Christine Fang, who has since fled the country.

We have written several times on this site about how Dr. Fauci is using his position as leader of the covid-19 response to protect China’s interests during the pandemic that he helped fund the creation of. Not only that, he openly shows complete fear of even speaking out against the CCP or how they handled the beginning of the pandemic that started in their country.

With all the blame Dr. Fauci throws at regular Americans, he has been totally silent on the fact that China hid the outbreak from international authorities for months. This allowed the virus to spread worldwide and removed any chance of ever stopping it.

That would seem like a pretty big deal, but Fauci has been totally silent on it and instead often praises China’s handling of the pandemic despite being the ones who created it.

So Dr. Fauci’s love affair with China is no secret. But if you pointed that out, you were called a conspiracy theorists. Or even worse, you were called a racist or “anti-Asian”.

But now we see that the selling out doesn’t end with Dr. Fauci. In fact, it is so deeply entrenched in our government that even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a CCP sell out.

General Mark Milley, who is mostly known for fighting imaginary “white rage” instead of fighting anything that actually exists, recently admitted he has had secret calls with Chinese generals to warn them of any possible attack from the United States.

Such a statement sounds like the premise for a Tom Clancy book where America is taken over by CCP insiders, but instead it’s just business as usual among America’s top brass in the military.

The DOD put out a statement confirming Milley’s calls to Chinese military generals, stating that it was all normal “protocols”.

So if you’re keeping score. China releases a biological weapon on the world to destroy America’s economy, and our military responds by giving Chinese generals courtesy calls and updates to make sure they can stay safe and well prepared against us.

As many have already said, how is this not treason?

The only way it’s not treason is if China is considered an ally. And that’s the problem. In our current military and intelligence leadership, there has been a huge en masse sell out towards the CCP. They are considered the next leader of the world, and these cowards in our military leadership want to build relationships now before what they believe will be too late.

It’s truly disgusting, and an obvious signal that our current military and intelligence leadership needs to start being fired and replaced.

There is now no doubt and the rumors have been confirmed. Some of our highest positions in government have sold out to the CCP. If something isn’t done immediately, an attack much worse than covid-19 is likely not far off.