The argument for Biden’s vaccine mandate could just as easily be applied to forced birth control for poor minority women. This is why it’s so wrong.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s dangerous language and historically proven to be a slippery slope, yet we are hearing it more and more. That language is regarding what is necessary for the “greater good” and public safety.

Right now, it’s all about the vaccine and vaccine mandates. President Biden has signed an executive order mandating that all companies with over 100 employees force those employees to be vaccinated or face termination.

Of course, the reasoning is that it’s all for the greater good. Generally this argument comes down to trampling the rights of the few so that the masses can enjoy a better overall quality of life. However, in this case, we are talking about nearly 100 million people, which should make it a much more difficult argument to make. But according to the Biden administration, the decision came easy.

However, once you start talking about the “greater good” you start down a slippery slope where all sorts of diabolical arguments can suddenly make sense.

For example, let’s look at birth control among poor minority females.

Democrats all agree that gun crime is a public health crisis, they’ve said this many times in their zeal to enact new gun laws and restrictions.

With that being the case, we also know that children born to fatherless, poor, and mostly minority mothers have a 5x higher chance of being involved in crime. Both violent and drug crime.

So could the Biden argument not be used in this case as well? Should Biden not call for mandated birth control for all poor, single women until they are married or can show financial independence and a stable household?

Based on the Biden vaccine logic, it would make perfect sense. The greater good would be served by making sure these children grow up in a more suitable environment, thus reducing greatly the chance they are involved in gun-related crimes when they grow older, which the Democratic party has already labeled a public health crisis.

Of course, I would never endorse or condone forced birth control, the same way I would never endorse the current Biden vaccine executive order. Both are examples of out-of-control government overreach into our personal lives and our health.

But hopefully you can see how dangerous the current language being used by the Biden administration is. Once you start justifying your actions based on the “greater good”, suddenly a whole host of dangerous and evil options become available.

Thankfully, our nation is working exactly as the founding fathers envisioned. Right now 16 states are opposing Biden’s executive order, as well they should. Hopefully private businesses will join the fight with upcoming lawsuits.

America was designed so that states could push back against the federal government if necessary. And right now, it is extremely necessary. If history is our guide, when nations start justifying their actions by claiming it benefits the “greater good”, it almost never goes well for the people.