The media blames the unvaccinated, but daily cases are currently 300% higher than when we had no vaccine at all. Clearly something is not adding up.

Tyler S. Farley

You hear it on the news and all over social media – The unvaccinated are causing all the problems in the world right now.

The increase in cases and the creation of new covid strains are all the fault of the unvaccinated.

However, this Labor Day offered us a glimpse into how that narrative is totally false, and seemingly the complete opposite of reality.

Last Labor Day in 2020, there was no vaccine. So zero percent of the population was vaccinated. But this Labor Day, we have approximately 70% of the population that is fully or partially vaccinated, yet cases this Labor Day are 300% higher than when we had no vaccine at all.

It doesn’t take an expert in statistical analysis to see something is terribly wrong here. Whatever is going on, it’s clearly the complete opposite of what the mainstream media and health officials are telling us.

Of course, the media and health officials have a rebuttal. However, the rebuttal makes no sense as they once again try to blame the “unvaccinated”.

But here’s the problem with blaming the unvaccinated. If that were true, then Labor Day 2020 should have had higher cases than today since NOBODY was vaccinated. Literally 100% of the population was unvaccinated.

So if unvaccinated people are the problem, why were cases LOWER last year when nobody was vaccinated?

As you can see, nothing about the mainstream narrative makes any logical sense and it’s all becoming so obvious even a child can see it.

But it all gets more bizarre and illogical. If you happen to corner one of these people in the media about why cases are rising as vaccination rates increase, they’ll default to their next illogical argument. That argument is that the vaccine was never meant to stop the spread of the virus, and instead only reduces symptoms.

But here’s the problem with that argument. It’s impossible to prove. Basically what they are suggesting is that anytime a vaccinated person catches covid but doesn’t die, it’s a success story about the vaccine. Even if that person was hospitalized, they claim it would have been worse had they not been vaccinated.

However, that’s impossible to prove. There is no scientific method or test to know if someone would have had a worse case without the vaccine. Yet the media and health officials act as though that’s the norm in every breakthrough case.

So as you can see, their only argument left to promote the vaccine is an unprovable one that essentially boils down to “trust us, it works”.

So as we approach the two year mark of this pandemic, this is all just one more glaring example of how the mainstream narrative surrounding covid and the vaccines begins to unravel under even the slightest scrutiny.