6 states to allow Apple Wallet to act as a government ID. The endgame is to tie your identification to every device connected to the internet for airtight, real-time tracking of everyone.

Tyler S. Farley

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’ve been warning people on this site that one of the goals of big tech is to tie everyone’s real-life identification to their internet connected devices. This means no more anonymity, or even the false impression of anonymity. Eventually every device will be required to have your ID attached to it otherwise it will not connect to the internet or service provider.

This plan is obviously well underway and we just received more proof today as Apple announced that 6 states and several airports will begin accepting the Apple Wallet version of your state ID as valid identification.

Users will digitize their ID into the Apple Wallet app, then only need to show the app.

Of course, this is being sold as a simple convenience so that people don’t have to carry their ID, but that’s not the true reason at all.

We all know big tech operates as a giant surveillance apparatus and data harvesting conglomerate. That’s all they do, everything else is secondary. So their dream has always been to replace government IDs with their own system which will also include real-time tracking to combat anyone trying to falsify their ID.

It will work like this. Once an ID is attached to a device, that person can now be tracked during their daily lives. Tech companies like Google and Apple with claim that special “algorithms” will look for signs of fake ID usage, such as location data in different locations at the same time, then they will be able to disable that ID until the problem is solved.

Of course, government agencies will love this new feature. To them, it means no more issues with fake IDs or having to verify identities. But as you can obviously see, it will set up a system where everyone is tracked by their government name, everywhere they go. If they don’t agree, then they will not have access to anything that requires a government ID as states and companies will demand the digitized version only.

Equally troubling, as the government ramps up the fear over cyber attacks, legislation will be pushed that requires all devices connected to the internet have an ID app installed, such as this new Apple Wallet. The reasoning will be that it will make it harder for criminals and cyber attackers to operate anonymously online. But of course, the real reason will just be more tracking and surveillance of everyone.

This is all going to be accelerated by the coming vaccine passports. As digital passports become commonplace, they will slowly roll other documents into the passports, such as your government ID.

As we see with the Apple announcement, this is no longer conjecture. Big tech companies are openly rolling out their digital ID systems and once they gain traction, the complete tracking and surveillance of every citizen will soon follow and it will be nearly impossible to opt-out.