CNN opinion piece says there is no constitutional right to deny a vaccine. They are setting the groundwork for forced injections when the mandates fail.

Tyler S. Farley

An opinion piece authored by Marci Hamilton/Paul Ofit and published by CNN makes the bold claim that Americans have no constitutional right to deny a vaccine. More so, they make the argument that parents have no authority to decide for themselves whether or not their children receive the covid-19 vaccine.

In their piece that reads like it was written directly by the CCP, the authors point to how children are listed as “persons” in the constitution, and therefore the government can supersede the wishes of the parents in the case of covid-19 vaccines.

The authors then attempt to use the SCOTUS case of Jacobson v Massachusetts as a way to buttress their argument for forced vaccinations. In that case, Cambridge professor Henning Jacobson sued after refusing to receive the mandatory small pox vaccination imposed by the state of Massachusetts in 1902.

In a very limited ruling, the SCOTUS sided with Massachusetts, however the authors of the CNN piece leave out quite a bit of critical information and context.

In that case, they were dealing with a small pox outbreak which had a 80 percent fatality rate. Not even close to the less than 2% fatality rate of covid-19. So the context and circumstances were not even close.

Another important note in that ruling that is often left out is that the option was allowed to opt-out of the mandatory vaccine simply by paying a $5 fine, which is about $150 by today’s standards. So there was a way to opt-out if you chose by simply paying a penalty.

Finally, the ruling by Justice John Marsha Harlan also stated that the government would need to take responsibility for any vaccine it mandated. But as you may be aware, both the government and the vaccine makers have given themselves total legal immunity in regards to the current covid-19 vaccines. So the government is clearly not accepting responsibility for the vaccines they want to mandate, and that creates another circumstance in which Jacobson v Massachusetts does not apply to our current situation. In fact, our current government is violating the Jacobson v Massachusetts ruling by granting themselves and the vaccine makers complete immunity.

But now it’s time to take a closer look at what the purpose of this CNN opinion piece truly was. The authors and the think-tanks they work for weren’t just writing this to convince people that vaccines are a good idea, or even that mandates are a good idea. Instead, they are clearly setting the groundwork for when mandates fail and a significant portion of the population refuses.

Currently, if you believe the official numbers, about 30% of Americans over the age of 16 have had no vaccination at all with the current covid-19 vaccines. That’s a minority, but it is still a very large number of Americans. It is also safe to assume that as the booster shots are rolled out and required, more and more people will refuse.

Even liberal TV host Bill Maher announced on his show that his willingness to receive more vaccines will stop once the booster is recommended.

I believe it’s safe to assume there are many others who feel the same as Maher. People who reluctantly got the first vaccine, but have no interest in twice a year booster shots indefinitely.

And that’s where the problem lies for the authors of the CNN opinion piece and why they are starting to set the groundwork for forced injections. They know the number of Americans who refuse additional vaccine injections will go up, not down. This is why they need to start setting the stage now for how to handle those who refuse.

Since it appears as though in the mind of these pro-vaxxers that refusal is not an acceptable outcome, the logical conclusion is that they support forced injections to overcome outright refusal.

There’s no other way to spin this. The pro-vaxx mandate crowd is now moving the debate towards forced injections.

So the question must now be asked of everyone in the public eye pushing for nationwide enforceable vaccine mandates. That question is whether or not they currently support, or would support forced injections.

If people started asking those questions, I think they would be shocked by how many in the pro-vaxx medical community openly voice their support for forced injections if mandates fail.