Did the Biden administration just unleash an immigration crisis on Europe the same way he did to our own southern border?

Tyler S. Farley

It’s no secret that part of the globalist agenda is to weaponize and use immigrants and refugees to topple western democracies. This is all part of their “soft” takeover of Europe and America. It’s nothing new as I wrote an article about such a thing in October of 2018 and describe how weaponized immigrants are being used to destabilize western nations.

This is why those with ties to globalist leaders are always preaching the need for open borders. It’s part of the plan to topple existing democracies and slowly turn them into socialist slums where the ruling class becomes permanent, and their powers limitless.

With the recent events in Afghanistan, events that America’s Pentagon and intelligence community are fully on board with, a likely explosion of refugees are set to hit the borders of Europe over the next year.

However, as you know, Europe has already been hit with a wave of immigrants and refugees from the middle east. This is no secret as cities such as Paris and London are hardly recognizable as French or British cities anymore.

But this coming wave is most likely going to be larger than the first wave that struck Europe. Some estimates put it at double the size of the wave that hit in 2015.

So now the evidence is becoming even clearer. The Biden administration has clearly sold out to the globalist agenda. Biden’s first order of business in America was to open the southern border and create an immigration crisis that is still ongoing despite being overshadowed by other recent events.

Tens of thousands of migrants and immigrants are being brought in and shipped by bus, plane and even military vehicles to their final destination in an American city near you.

Now that same crisis has been brought to Europe. With the Taliban back in control, millions will flee Afghanistan and be looking to land in major European cities.

So all within a few short months, we have a full blown immigration crisis in America and now Europe is on the cusp of one that started quite literally this week.

If you needed anymore proof of Biden’s globalist sell-out, now you have it. Sprinkle in a little pandemic hysteria and suddenly the destabilization of the west is almost complete.