From Afghanistan to Covid – How experts choose the wrong course of action, then stubbornly stick with it until the whole thing blows up in their face in one spectacular failure.

Tyler S. Farley

The current events in Afghanistan may seem like they have absolutely no relation to the current covid-19 situation here in America and around the world. But if you look closely, you will see the two events are in fact very similar in the way they expose the stubbornness of officials and their refusal to change course until forced to do so by total failure.

Not long after the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan it was becoming obvious to most objective observers that these invasions would never achieve their goal. America and its allies quickly became mired in centuries old tribal battles and the “war on terror” quickly became an afterthought for those stuck in the fighting.

Whatever lofty goals were in place for the invasion when it started, they were clearly becoming impossible early on and the right move would have been to start cutting loses at that point and implement a new course of action and strategy.

However, the exact opposite happened. Experts instead doubled-down on the invasion and take-over strategy. Things like the now infamous “surge” in Iraq were perfect examples of this doubling-down on failed strategies.

But the truth is, none of it should have come as a surprise. This is exactly what experts and bureaucrats do when faced with a failed policy they created and sold to the American public. They will never admit the policy was a failure since they sold it so hard in the first place. Their only hope then becomes to double-down on the strategy and hope for a miracle.

Of course, that miracle never comes and instead they simply wait for option number two to happen, which is when the policy completely fails in catastrophic fashion for the world to see.

That’s exactly what just happened in Afghanistan, and it’s what’s going to happen around the world with the covid-19 response.

Early on in the current pandemic, the “experts” all called for lockdowns. But soon after it was obvious they weren’t working and were instead just destroying lives and business. But just like Afghanistan, the experts sold the lockdowns so hard that they couldn’t back down. So they pushed on with them, and even doubled-down calling for more restrictions.

In the end, the lockdowns were a total failure and never saved a single life according to the data. Areas with very few restrictions or no lockdowns had the same outcomes as those with very strict lockdowns.

But now we come to the mass vaccination campaign with an imperfect vaccine that still allows for the virus to infect and spread among the vaccinated.

Before 2020, virtually every virologist and epidemiologist would tell you that mass vaccination with an imperfect vaccine will lead to mutations and a virus becoming stronger than if you simply did nothing at all.

But here we are, doing the exact of opposite of what was settled science for so long and mass vaccinating with an imperfect vaccine.

In every city where vaccinations went up, so did cases. In fact, before the vaccinations started, cases were plummeting in January of 2021. But now after nearly 70% of Americans are vaccinated, cases are skyrocketing.

In Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries on Earth, they are seeing a spike in cases, and 60% of those hospitalized had been fully vaccinated.

It’s clear the the mass vaccination campaign is a failure, yet just like Afghanistan and the lockdowns, the experts have no choice but to double-down and call for more vaccinations…This time a booster shot.

It’s so eerily similar to the Iraq invasion and the subsequent “surge”. A doubling-down of a failed strategy where the experts promise more of the same will somehow fix the problem, even though the original strategy never worked in the first place. But somehow, doing more of it will work.

So as you watch Afghanistan unfold into a total disaster, look for the striking parallels between our current covid-19 response. If there’s one thing you can count on from our leaders, it’s their insistence on always doubling-down on failed policies instead of ever admitting they were wrong in the first place.