There’s no way vaccine makers didn’t know that vaccinated people still transmitted the virus. Surely they tested people for this during the trials.

Tyler S. Farley

The documents released by the CDC last week regarding an outbreak in Massachusetts where vaccinated individuals were found to have transmitted the virus appears to be more of a CYA then the CDC actually learning anything new and reporting it.

According to the CDC and other top health officials, they claim they had no idea that vaccinated people could spread the virus before this new case study was done.

However, that is almost impossible to believe. The more data that comes out, the more it seems that it’s actually the norm for vaccinated people to spread the virus after being exposed.

The head of the CDC even announced on CNN recently that the vaccine doesn’t really prevent spread or infection, it only prevents serious symptoms.

But this brings up the question of whether or not health officials knew this before hand, and is that why they front-ran the story by planting the notion that it was the “unvaccinated” spreading the variants.

During the initial trials of the vaccines it’s almost impossible to believe they didn’t test individuals who were positive for covid after being vaccinated to see if they were still contagious. This seems like the most basic protocol possible for testing a vaccine, so I’m sure it happened. If it didn’t, it calls the whole trial phase into question for gross negligence.

So this means health officials knew that once vaccination rates got to a certain point, the data would show that vaccinated individuals were still spreading the virus.

So what they appeared to have done is front-run this eventuality by planting the story and the idea that only unvaccinated people spread the virus, and therefore create more variants.

If you remember, before this latest news came out, the unvaccinated were demonized as “variant factories” in the mainstream media.

Some officials did mention that the vaccine may still allow for the spread of the virus, but this was hardly the main narrative and was more a case of whispering the truth and shouting the lie. The public clearly got the message that only the unvaccinated were spreading the virus and variants.

So this was no mistake, they knew exactly what they were doing. They were planting a false narrative in the public to protect themselves when their lies about how effective the vaccine was started to be exposed.

This whole episode is just another example, but a more troubling one, of how health officials continue to lie in order to bolster compliance with mandates or vaccine acceptance.

But this time, they have been caught actually planting intentionally false information in order to blunt the results of when their lies are exposed.

It’s a shocking case of CYA and it’s at the expense of public health and even public safety. These officials spent weeks demonizing a group of Americans as “variant factories”.  Such rhetoric has caused ideas such as banning medical care for the unvaccinated to gain mainstream acceptance.

The bottom line is this all needs to stop. Health officials need to stop the lies and the demonizing. They’ve dug themselves into such a deep hole, that they are lying to cover up their original lies. It’s such a complicated mess that the only way for them to recover now is to totally come clean.

But based on their actions so far, I have no doubt they will double-down yet again on this failed policy of non-stop lies and fear mongering at the expense of  public trust and safety.