After the BLM protests of 2020 and then the protests of January 6th, Americans have been conditioned to accept that only establishment-approved protests are allowed. All other protesters will be seen as enemies of the state.

Tyler S. Farley

With protests raging all over Europe as citizens fight back against draconian and ineffective lockdowns and restrictions, America is becoming the odd man out on the global stage.

In France, Germany, Italy, and Australia this past weekend there were tens of thousands of protesters that flooded streets to push back against their clueless leaders. Pushing back against more lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and mandatory vaccine passports, there was no shortage of topics to take to the streets over.

But here in America, there is mostly silence. There is a lot of hand-wringing by conservatives who see the government overreach getting out of control. Not only that, they see that big tech companies are working side-by-side with the current administration to further their theft of American civil liberties.

But no protests. No push-backs. Americans are just sitting and taking it while the rest of the world fights back.

So why is this happening? Just last year America was the epicenter of violent protests as BLM and Antifa ran wild in American cities. They burned down countless building, tore down historic statues, and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and even loss of life.

Many of those protests have now been memory-holed by the mainstream media, as the only protest they want to talk about now is the January 6th protest at the capitol.

And it’s that protest and the way those protesters have been treated compared to the protesters of last summer that brings us to today and why Americans are terrified to go against the establishment.

What made the protests of last summer different was that they were completely supported by the establishment. The media, the vocal left-wing government, and big tech all jumped on board to support the protests.

In other words, the actions were establishment-approved.

But now, if you were to protest against lockdowns or vaccine passports, that would not be establishment approved and you would be labeled as a misinformation agent, or worse an enemy of the state.

Everyone has seen what has happened to those charged with protesting on January 6th. They are being held in solitary confinement and without bail. One protestor was even beaten by prison guards so severely he suffered a fractured skull and blindness in one eye as a result.

That’s the punishment for participating in a non-approved protest. You are held as a political prisoner, with no trial and no bail and subjected to beatings.

Contrast this with protestors last summer, many of which had their charges dropped or bail and legal fees paid for by big money donors and celebrities. Even Vice President Kamala Harris donated to the bail funds of protesters last summer. If that’s not a sign the protests were establishment approved, I don’t know know what other evidence you would need.

So if you’re curious why America is silent while other countries fight back against their government, it’s because the establishment here has won. They struck fear into the hearts of Americans with their overt display of what happens when you participate in non-approved protesting.