The endgame comes this fall. Vaccines get full FDA approval. Flu cases are portrayed as a “covid spike”. Vaccines and vaxx passports are made mandatory.

Tyler S. Farley

As we’ve outlined on this site before, one of the goals the establishment has for continuing this “pandemic” is to implement vaccine passports. These passports will be locked to your phone and your identity, creating the first iteration of a global ID system controlled by big tech.

But of course, to achieve this goal they must also make the vaccines mandatory, or so near-mandatory that life will be impossible without proving you have been vaccinated.

Although such things may sound like some dystopian future, these events are in fact just around the corner and set to take place this fall.

The series of events that will kick this off have already been set in motion, so there is little doubt this plan is unfolding right before our eyes.

It all starts with the FDA’s rushed full approval of the vaccines that are currently only approved for so-called “emergency use”. The “emergency use” part makes it somewhat difficult to fully implement mandates as corporations and governments have a legally tricky time trying to force people to take a drug not yet fully approved. However, even that hasn’t paused their plans as federal employees and those working for large corporations such as Disney have already been forced to take the vaccine or lose their job.

But once the vaccine is fully approved next month, this will remove all barriers to making the vaccine mandatory.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio has already gotten out ahead of the approval and has declared restaurants, bars, and gyms in NYC will be legally bound to verify vaccination status before letting in any customers under the penalty of fines and possible loss of business licenses.

Next will be the upcoming flu season that happens every year. Just like last year, these flu cases will be counted as covid cases so the media can portray them as yet another covid “surge”.

This surge will open the door to usher in the mandatory vaccine. But mandatory vaccines won’t work unless there is an easy to use app to prove you’ve been vaccinated. This is where the vaccine passports come in.

Already being developed by companies such as IBM and Microsoft, these vaccine passports will be promoted as the only way to efficiently prove you’ve been vaccinated. The physical cards that prove vaccination will no longer be allowed.

In the case of the Microsoft passport, a stripped down version is already in use by school children in California under the name “Daily Pass”, which students are forced to use to track their own daily symptoms which are then stored in the cloud as biometric data.

Hopefully by now, you can start to see the groundwork has all been set for this to take place. It’s not years away, it’s only months away and with developments like we are seeing in New York, it has already started.