Health officials decision to use non-stop fear to drive vaccine and mandate compliance has resulted in mass hysteria and confusion. It totally backfired.

Tyler S. Farley

If something felt eerily familiar about the last week, you’d be correct.

Public health officials have gone back to the tired playbook of using exaggerated fear in the hopes it drives the behavior they want out of the public.

But just like before, these attempts to use fear to drive compliance are backfiring. But sadly, the backfiring isn’t just isolated to the people’s mistrust of health officials. It is now causing widespread mass hysteria where nobody knows what to believe anymore.

Just as a reminder, none of this is new and in fact has been exposed both in the U.S. and the UK.

As reported by The Telegraph and shared here on this site, public health officials made the conscious decision to use psychological manipulation in order to drive covid-19 mandate compliance.

As was outlined in The Telegraph reporting, health officials realized if they increase a person’s sense of personal risk, they can drive that person to perform the desired action health officials want. For example, to drive mask mandates, they would try to oversell people’s personal risk of dying from the virus then offer mask-wearing as the only way to mitigate that risk.

This manipulation on a psychological level has been brought into question by UK scientists and health experts who feel it has caused more harm than benefits.

But here in the U.S. health officials have doubled down on this technique.

In order to drive vaccination rates which have stalled, health officials have tried to increase fear among the unvaccinated by incorrectly stating that virtually all new cases and deaths are among the unvaccinated.

However, as reported by various news outlets this last week, that is simply not true and the CDC has data that shows there are a significant number of “breakthrough” cases among the vaccinated.

So instead of driving vaccination, health officials are just spreading confusion and hysteria as now even the vaccinated don’t know if they’re protected as promised.

Actor and pro-vaccine advocate Michael Rappaport took to social media to express a sentiment that perfectly represents those in America right now who were sold one thing but then had the rug pulled out regarding vaccines.

As for now, there is no explanation for why American health officials keep doubling down on this failed technique of using exaggerated fear in the hopes it drives the behavior they want.

It has repeatedly failed since the beginning of the pandemic and now even their supporters in the public have lost trust in them.

It’s time for the CDC and health officials to start coming clean and only report on facts as they are. No exaggeration. No talk of “impending doom” or falsified data to trick people. No lying about who is getting sick and who isn’t.

It’s time to level with the American people. It may be too late for the CDC to salvage their credibility, but at this point they have no choice.