The biggest red flag of them all. Why has the global media showed virtually no interest in the origins of covid-19?

Tyler S. Farley

As we quickly approach the second year of the ongoing “pandemic”, where the means to end it are a never-ending series of shifting goalposts, there is one giant red flag that stands out among them all.

That red flag is the fact that the entire global media, especially here in America, has shown virtually no interest in the origins of covid-19 or how exactly the pandemic started.

Oddly, before covid was even a household term, the media told us all that the virus came from a specific “wet market” in Wuhan, China. Mind you, this was at the very start of the pandemic, before the shutodwns, and somehow they already knew the exact market the virus came from.

But even more inexplicable than the media already knowing which of the 20,000 wet markets in China it came from, they said they even knew how it happened.

Miraculously, the media had determined that one specific customer ordered a type of “bat soup” , which exposed this person to the virus and kicked off the entire pandemic.

Mind you, all of this was reported before any restrictions or lockdowns had taken place. It was so early in the pandemic, health officials such as Dr. Fauci were telling people to not even worry or wear a mask.

Of course, in hindsight you should be able to see the absurdity of all of this. There is no way the media could have tracked down the origins of covid-19 that early when even scientists had no idea what they were dealing with.

Instead, what you were hearing was a cover. From the very start, the media was planting a cover story to obscure the fact that covid-19 obviously came from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Even worse, our own Dr. Fauci and his NIH were funding the lab and the exact research that led to the release of the virus and start of the pandemic.

But now, nearly 2 years into the pandemic and with the “bat soup” story completely debunked, the media around the world has shown zero interest in finally determining the true origins of covid-19.

Some outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post begrudgingly admitted the lab leak hypothesis was indeed valid and the most likely source of the virus. But that was it. A tantamount admission that they suppressed information and provided a cover story, but then no follow up whatsoever.

Wouldn’t you think that one of the most impactful events in the last century would warrant some investigation into how it all started so it could be prevented from happening again?

Simple prudence would dictate that government officials and the media have a responsibility to look into the origins of covid-19 so that steps may be taken to stop this from ever happening again.

Yet, here we are. No mainstream media outlet has spent any resources on such reporting. Instead, all we hear about is masks and viral videos of people arguing in grocery stores over silly mandates.

So ask yourself. Why has the media shown virtually no interest in finding the true origins of one of the most damaging pandemics in modern history? I think the answer to that question may be scarier than the virus itself.