Having reservations about vaccine safety is a totally rational position. The fact that the media portrays that position as a total caricature shows why they no longer have any credibility.

Tyler S. Farley

I want to start off by saying that I am in no way against anyone getting the covid vaccine if they choose to do so. It’s a personal choice and I have no problem with it either way.

However, what we are witnessing in the media and by our politicians is completely disingenuous and often outright dishonest.

The truth is, the current crop of covid-19 vaccines use a new technology known as an mRNA delivery system. These are not traditional vaccines and instead use a novel and never-before used technique to coax your own cells into creating small virus proteins which in theory, should provide a certain level of immunity.

It’s exciting technology and has a lot of potential, but it is very new and as I mentioned earlier, it has never been used before. This means there are no long term studies. The current vaccine trials only began last year, so as of now there isn’t even a full two years of data on these new vaccines.

With that being said, it is a completely rational, logical, and acceptable position to have reservations about the long term safety of these vaccines. That doesn’t mean they are unsafe, but it means that having reservations about their safety is a totally acceptable position to have.

But this is where the dishonesty of the media and health officials comes into play. Having reservations about the vaccine safety is not being treated as a normal, rational position and instead is being portrayed as a complete caricature. Often times having reservations about the vaccine is conflated by the media to also mean that person believes in wild, unproven conspiracies.

You’ll notice this trick in almost all the reporting on what they call “vaccine hesitancy”. Not one report about vaccine hesitancy concludes without a mention of bizarre conspiracies like “micro-chips” or “tracking devices” being inserted into the vaccine. This is a deliberate attempt by the media to conflate those with completely logical and rational reservations about the vaccine with far-out, fringe beliefs which are totally unrelated.

The goal by the media and health officials is to portray anyone with rational and well-informed reservations about the vaccine as an absurd caricature who also believes in far-out fringe theories. The hope being that people who are still on the fence will fear being seen as one of these caricatures, so they will fall in line and simply adopt the media’s narrative without asking questions.

All of this is just another example of why health officials and the media have lost all credibility. They have been caught lying, conflating, and exaggerating every aspect of covid-19 since the beginning. Over time more and more people have caught on to their tricks and now nobody believes them anymore. It’s not because these people who don’t believe them are conspiracy theorists. It’s because they’ve been lied to repeatedly and have caught on to the playbook being used.

Health officials, like all government officials, believe they are smarter than you. That’s why they believe they can spend your money better than you, they believe they can educate your children better than you can,  and they believe they can make better health decisions than you can. So they believe if they simply lie to you in order to trick you into doing what they want, they’ve done a good thing.

Health officials and the media believe you are too stupid to be dealt with on an honest and fair level. So they feel tricking you is the only way to get the desired result since they believe you are too stupid to understand the situation.

But the irony is that their plan has backfired, and the only ones who look clueless are the media and health officials who keep trying to run the same failed playbook. Every day they destroy their credibility even more by believing they are the smartest guys in the room. But in reality, they’re the ones who simply don’t get it.