The U.S. Post Office and Capitol Police are now operating as domestic spy agencies. How much longer will Americans tolerate this out of control surveillance state?

Tyler S. Farley

If things weren’t trending towards such a dystopian nightmare scenario, all of this would almost be comical.

Like a scene from the old sitcom Seinfeld, it was recently reported and confirmed that the U.S. Post Office has been operating as a domestic spying agency within the U.S. and tasked with keeping tabs on Americans and their social media behavior. What was once a joke in a 90’s sitcom is now reality. There actually is a dark, underground agency within the post office that operates similar to the NSA.

But in recent days we’ve been told that this isn’t stopping with the post office. Apparently the establishment believes they still cannot track Americans effectively enough, so yet another domestic spying agency is being created.

This time it’s the Capitol Police. Under the guise of battling the “insurrection” which was nothing more than unarmed middle-aged Trump supporters posing for selfies in the Capitol, the Capitol Police force is now becoming an “intelligence-based protective agency”.

For those very few who are still unaware, the term “intelligence” refers to domestic spying and gathering data on Americans illegally and without going through proper legal proceedings.

For now, it is being reported that the Capitol Police will only be gathering intelligence around the Capitol itself using military grade spying equipment, the details and capabilities of which will not be disclosed. They’ve also decided to build field offices around the country, expanding their coverage and apparently their jurisdiction outside of Washington D.C.

But it doesn’t take much foresight to see how this new “surveillance” will quickly expand outwards and eventually cover any American the state deems “dangerous” or a threat. Not only that, simply passing through the area surrounding the capitol will now have you caught in the net of their spying apparatus. Your phone ID will go into their database as it’s captured by their new military-grade technology and cross referenced against others who have traveled nearby or have been deemed suspicious.

So the simple act of visiting your nation’s capitol as a tourist will have you being entered into a database of possible threats.

All of this increased surveillance by entities that should have no business spying on Americans can only lead one to believe in a single conclusion. That is the fact that America is quickly descending into a complete surveillance state. A surveillance state where everyday Americans with beliefs that happen to differ from the establishment are deemed a threat to national security. Those Americans are then subject to illegal and secret surveillance by agencies which have no constitutional or legal right to do so.

As technology increases, the tools at the disposal of those in power are becoming too powerful. We’ve seen this with big tech as social media platforms can now shape opinions in real-time with simple tweaks to their mysterious algorithms. Never before in history have those in power had access to such powerful and pervasive tools of manipulation and surveillance.

We need to start addressing this problem as one of the most dire threats to human freedom that has ever existed.