Remember when the initial decision to not use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin was based on data from a fake company run by a known scammer and a former adult actress? Yes, that really happened..

Tyler S. Farley

It seems like a lifetime ago even though it was just last year. It was the beginning of the “pandemic”, Trump was in office, and everyone was looking for answers.

One of those answers were two drugs named Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of these medicines and the controversy surrounding them.

Early on in the pandemic, President Trump suggested the country look at Hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment combined with other measures to help slow the pandemic. The press was quick to push back, in fact they outright called Trump’s suggestion “dangerous” despite nobody having actually researched the issue.

Within weeks, the then respected Lancet medical journal put out a paper stating that studies had concluded that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were both dangerous when treating covid-19 and led to higher death rates.

With that publication, the media took their victory lap as they were happy to have shown Trump was “wrong” yet again.

But it didn’t take long for questions to pop up. One of those questions was how exactly the studies were conducted that showed Hydroxychloroquine to be dangerous.

Well, it turned out the study was completely fake and it was based on completely false data supplied by a fake company run by a known scammer and a former adult actress.

Yes, as crazy as that sounds, it’s all true. The company called Surgisphere, which supplied all the data for the Lancet paper was a totally fake company and the data they supplied was fake.

Surgisphere was a hastily organized company put together by a known scammer and his partner, a former adult film actress.

As I wrote earlier, all of this seems like a lifetime ago, and that’s exactly what the media wants you to think. They want facts like this to be “memory-holed” so that they can keep forcing even more fake news down your throat.

The truth is, all of the original reporting on covid-19 has been debunked. The story of the “bat soup” origins of covid have now been proven false despite being peddled for over a year. The insane death projections early on that were sold to people if they didn’t accept the shutdowns have all now been shown to have come from shady scientists and firms, just like Surgisphere.

We were all lied to from the start. But they want you to forget that so you are willing to accept the next lie they try to sell.

So don’t let the media and big tech prevent you from going back and remembering how all this really went down. Once you start to look back, it becomes clear why the establishment media doesn’t want you to remember any of this.