For every well-known person you hear about being censored by big tech, millions of regular people were censored as well, you just never hear about it.

Tyler S. Farley

With every day that passes we hear about yet another well known person or even a well respected expert who becomes the latest victim of big tech censorship.

Doctor’s and scientists who are experts in the field of virology and medicine have had their accounts banned or censored simply for voicing their expert opinion that happens to clash with official covid narratives.

But what goes hidden when you hear about all those big names being censored is the number of regular folks who also have their voices and opinions censored and nobody even hears about it.

Every day around the world tens of millions of regular citizens have their voices silenced and opinions muted by big tech. Often times these are citizens under the rule of brutal regimes and big tech actually works with these tyrannical governments to help silence their own citizens.

We already know Google and Facebook have worked with China to help censor and silence their own citizens. Google happily does this to help build their business in the massive market of China. Facebook and Apple are no different. They are all desperate for acceptance by the Chinese government, so they’ll happily work to censor the voices of millions of Chinese citizens.

Sadly, this is also happening right here in America as well. Anyone who dares speak out against the official narrative or accepted ideology is immediately censored, banned, or punished in some way that limits their access to the platforms we now all use for public discourse.

While big names garner the headlines when their Twitter accounts are banned, we never hear about the tens of thousands who have had their accounts shadow-banned without even knowing it. We never hear about the millions on Facebook users who have their comments demoted by algorithms or human editors so that nobody ever sees them.

So the next time you hear about a well known person yet again being censored or banned from social media, it’s actually much worse than the headline would make it seem. For every every well known person who is banned, millions more were banned or censored that same day.