The post-election unrest everyone predicted for 2020 will most likely instead happen in 2024. The establishment has no choice but to try to steal the election again, but it won’t be possible.

Tyler S. Farley

Although things have sort of quieted down since the crazy election chaos of 2020, back then there was a much different sentiment. Most pundits and regular citizens alike were all predicting post-election chaos thinking that neither side would back down after the election.

The fake news media was pushing stories about Trump “refusing” to step down if he lost. Despite being based on no evidence, they pushed this narrative almost daily with “sources” claiming he would barricade himself in the White House.

Then of course you had the issue with the nation suddenly adopting mail-in voting for the first time ever. Hastily put together, this nationwide mail-in voting was ripe for fraud and was a surefire recipe for people to not trust whatever outcome happened.

The election came, and there was most certainly controversy and plenty of fraud. But in the end, the unrest was mostly tame with both sides agreeing to stand down for the time being and continue fighting things out via narrative building and social media.

But this sets up an interesting scenario for 2024. If the election truly was stolen with massive mail-in voting in 2020, that means those in power will have to do the same in 2024 or risk exposing their previous fraud.

By all accounts, Trump plans to run again in 2024. As of now, I doubt he has lost a single supporter and I doubt he will lose any by 2024. His voters are extremely loyal, and they are more motivated than ever.

This means Trump’s vote count will most likely stay the same no matter what happens. However, will whoever runs on the Democrat’s side still be able to get theĀ  hard-to-believe 85 million votes Biden miraculously got in 2020? If the election is fair and there is no mail-in voting, that’s most likely impossible.

Biden himself has said he plans only serving one term. This most likely sets up Kamala Harris to lead the ticket in 2024. During the Democratic primaries leading up to the 2020 election, Harris couldn’t even get 2% of the Democratic vote. She is highly unlikable, even among Democrats. So is there any way a candidate like Harris can get the 85 million votes needed to beat Trump?

Such an event would take massive fraud, and it simply won’t be possible without being so obvious to virtually any reasonable observer. But the establishment has no choice. If Trump wins by a landslide, not only will he regain power, it will fuel the argument that the 2020 election was indeed stolen. How else can they explain a record 85 million votes suddenly collapsing and Trump winning by a landslide?

This is why there is a nationwide push in almost every state by Democrats to keep the mail-in voting and remove all voter I.D. requirements. They know that without fraud, the risk being exposed come 2024 is very real.

So this sets up a scenario where we will most likely see an increase in fraud in 2020, but this time everyone will know what to look for. All the anger since 2020 will come to a head, and the fraud will not be allowed to go on.

So there are really only two options in 2024. The current administration stands down and allows a fair vote to take place which will lead to an obvious Trump victory over Kamala Harris. Or option two, they initiate a fraud even larger than 2020, one that will be impossible to explain away or provide cover for.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which event seems more likely.