The establishment doesn’t care if you eventually learn the truth, as long as they get what they want while the lie was still active.

Tyler S. Farley

It wasn’t that long ago when so-called “conspiracy theories” would linger for years and sometimes decades before being accepted as truth. Things like the CIA introducing crack cocaine into urban areas or the strange way that the FBI and CIA were both aware of all the 9/11 hijackers for months and in some cases years before the attacks actually happened.

These things were all conspiracy theories, but are now accepted as truths and proof that we are constantly being lied to and our legitimate questions are always labeled as “conspiracies” by the establishment media.

But as I’m sure you have noticed recently, the time between being labeled a conspiracy theory and something being proven as a fact is getting much shorter. In some cases, just a few months.

The most recent example is the origins of the covid-19 pandemic, possibly one of the biggest stories in several decades. From the beginning, there was overwhelming evidence that it came from a Chinese laboratory. But suggesting such a thing got you labeled as a conspiracy theorist, even if you happened to be an expert in the field. Several scientists and investigative journalists were banned and censored from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for simply asking questions about the origin of covid-19 and the lab-leak theory.

But now, barely a year later, we all know the truth. Covid-19 was man-mad, it came from a Chinese lab, and all the experts like Dr. Fauci knew it from day one and tried to cover it up. The so-called conspiracy theory turned out to be fact.

But the problem here is that although it’s great the truth is getting out, the establishment doesn’t really care as they have already got what they wanted out of it.

Even when conspiracies are proven true in a year, that’s still long enough for the establishment to have pulled off whatever it is they wanted during that time. If the public figures out the truth, those responsible don’t care. They simply obfuscate the discussion with excuses and eventually the whole argument just fades away as the next establishment plot starts to fill the headlines and we start the process all over again.

This is why it is so important to push back against these fake narratives. When something is labeled a conspiracy theory by the media, it’s a signal that we are on the right track towards uncovering the proof and we need to push even harder to uncover it. The less time we give the establishment to run with the lie, the less time they have to pull off their schemes which end up harming us all.

So don’t be afraid and don’t feel as though your contributions don’t make a difference. Your posts, comments and replies on propaganda news story do make a difference. They shorten the time the establishment gets to run with their lies. And if we can get that time period short enough, we end up saving ourselves from even more bizarre and dangerous plots the establishment most likely has in store for us.