The media has admitted their two biggest narratives have been total lies – Russia-gate and covid origins. Is the 2020 election result the next fake story to be exposed?

Tyler S. Farley

The mainstream media has spent almost as much time back peddling recently as they have pushing phony narratives for the last 4 years.

As the story of covid-19 origins begins to change and once again shows the media as nothing but a propaganda organization, we have to wonder if the story of the 2020 election is the next shoe to drop when it comes to fake media narratives.

Before covid, we had four years of phony Russia-gate coverage that the media has now all but admitted was a total fraud. From the very beginning, every “bombshell” report for the entire Trump Presidency turned out to be a total a lie. It was all a fake narrative that the media has now reluctantly come clean about.

Then of course, we have the origins of covid. What was once called a conspiracy pushed by Trump is now accepted as the truth. The media spent an entire year covering for China and protecting China’s image by claiming the emergence of covid-19 was a totally natural event. But now we are seeing the virus was created in a Chinese laboratory, and most likely released intentionally.

So the two biggest narratives pushed by the mainstream media in the last 4 years and both have now been proven to be totally fake.

All of this leads to the very logical question as to whether the election scam of 2020 is the next big narrative to fall.

All signs point to massive fraud during the 2020 election. Not only that, statistically speaking Biden’s win in certain counties should have been impossible. Just like the covid story where there was a plethora of evidence pointing to the fact that it was man-made and yet the media ignored it. We are now seeing the exact same thing with the election results of 2020.

Any objective observer could see there was a problem with nationwide mail-in voting. Ballot rejection rates which are normally around 3-5% suddenly plunged to .03% in 2020. Strange incidents where polling workers covered windows with cardboard and paper so observers could not see what was going on inside. Fake stories about water main breaks so polling places could be evacuated yet a few number of vote counters were allowed to stay inside and continue working.

It all adds up to very strong evidence that something very wrong happened with the ballot counting in the 2020 election.

But just like the covid-19 origin story, the media went into full assault mode to squash any mention of the real evidence. Anyone asking questions about the 2020 election was immediately labeled a “conspiracy theorist”, the same way everyone who wondered if covid came from a Chinese lab was also labeled a conspiracy nut.

An NPR post calling the covid lab leak theory a “baseless conspiracy”.

So for now, it’s likely only a matter of time before the narrative surrounding the 2020 elections starts to come crumbling down the same way it has regarding Russia-gate and the origins of covid. And when it does, the last shred of credibility the mainstream media had will be lost forever.