Fauci and the media making a sudden about-face on the lab leak theory is a textbook limited hangout. They want to fake full disclosure to hide the fact that covid was intentionally released.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s just all too perfectly timed.

First, Dr. Fauci admits that he’s “not convinced” of the official story of covid coming from a bat in a Wuhan wet market. Then later that day and in the days to follow, all the major news outlet like Reuters come out with stories stating that the “lab leak” theory is now back on the menu. All of it topped off with a Wall Street Journal bombshell report that workers at the Wuhan viral laboratory had covid symptoms in November of 2019 and had to be hospitalized.

If you know anything about psyops and how the media works, you should see the timing of this is all too convenient. All the major players got on board at the same time for what appears to be a textbook limited hangout.

For those unaware, a limited hangout is a propaganda technique where the media and the state cooperate to fake full disclosure of an event. This fake disclosure makes people believe that the “truth” has finally been revealed. However, the revelation was only partial and it was meant to stop further investigation into the full truth.

So in this case, the limited hangout is the admission that covid-19 did indeed come from a Chinese lab. However, the full truth is that it was released intentionally after being created in the Wuhan lab.

The sudden about-face by Fauci and the media makes me believe we are witnessing a textbook limited hangout with the lab leak theory. The lab leak is the limited hangout and it is meant to cover the truth which is the fact that the virus was intentionally released.

Up until this point I was willing to believe the lab leak theory as the final truth. However, the events of the past few days have convinced me that such a hypothesis was always meant to be a limited hangout. It was floated about by typical fringe gatekeepers in the media for months to keep the idea alive. Then when it was needed, the full limited hangout went into effect and all the big players got on board. It was all timed too perfectly for it to be anything but a coordinated effort.

So don’t be fooled by this ongoing operation to let China partially off the hook for covid-19. The goal is now to make this all look like a tragic accident, where nobody is really to blame. But the truth is, within a year we will have another revelation, and the evidence will start to point towards the fact that China released this virus intentionally.

Large, worldwide events often take years to unpack to get to the bottom of. With covid-19, we are just getting started in that process.