The same doctors and pharmaceutical industry that got Americans hooked on painkillers have assured us their vaccine is now safe.

Tyler S. Farley

You don’t have to go that far back in history to see an example where the pharmaceutical industry yanks the leash of doctors in order to promote profits above public safety.

The opioid crisis in America which takes nearly 70K lives a year, is a perfect example of how doctors and the pharmaceutical industry promote totally unsafe medications without blinking an eye. All the while assuring the public that they’re totally safe.

When it comes to the opioid crisis, it should have come as no surprise to any doctor that if you start sending millions of people home with heroin in pill form, a large number of them will get addicted.

For over a decade, people were being sent home with 30 and 60 day supplies of Oxycontin for relatively small ailments like sprained ankles and minor medical procedures. This was gross negligence on the part of doctors and criminally negligent on the part of the pharmaceutical industries that pushed these opioids to be used so carelessly among the general population.

Just to be clear, this was no secret either as it was going on. So called pill-mills popped up everywhere in America. Doctor’s offices with built in pharmacies that labeled themselves as “pain clinics” gave out prescriptions and pills at the same counter. Many of these pill mills needed to be guarded by armed security during regular business hours. It was all evident this was a drug dealing operation that worked by getting people hooked, then selling them brand name opioids until they dropped dead from an overdose. It was all done in the open and doctors were completely involved in promoting it.

Fast forward to today, and that same cadre of “experts” led by the pharmaceutical industry has assured us that their covid-19 vaccines are safe.

This is the exact same industry that turned a blind eye to the opioid crisis they created until it had gone on for two decades, and even then tried to blame patients instead of their own negligence. Now those same doctors and industry executives are assuring the public that they can be trusted with yet another concoction of theirs.

The problem is the general public has realized that the medical industry and especially the pharmaceutical industry has little regard for the public’s safety. When you factor that in with the fact that these drug makers are now immune from liability when it comes to the vaccines, it sets up a free-for-all situation which could very well dwarf the opioid crisis.

So if you’re skeptical of the vaccine, you should be. The pharmaceutical industry has never given you a reason to trust them, and they’ve given you 70K reasons a year to not trust them at all.