The media dismisses vaccine deaths as “one in a million”, but those same odds for a young, healthy person dying from covid are labeld as “covid denial”.

Tyler S. Farley

With news of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being halted in the U.S. after fatal side effects have been observed, it is showing yet another double standard in the way the media portrays the dangers of covid.

As I wrote about here, a bombshell report by the Telegraph shows that governments have intentionally used psychological tactics to report covid-19 facts in a way that maximizes fear.

Now it seems those same health officials are doing the opposite with vaccine side effects and downplaying them as if they should be ignored by the general public.

A perfect example is the halting of the J&J vaccine. The media and health officials are dismissing the deadly side effects as being only 6 in 7 million, a tiny fraction. However, similar odds could easily show that the actual covid-19 virus is not deadly at all to young, healthy people. Statistically, for a healthy young person under 40, the odds of dying from covid-19 are essentially zero.

So you can see now the double standard. Statistically small risks from the vaccine are portrayed as no big deal. But statistically small risks from covid-19 are instead amplified when in fact the risks are actually very similar between the two when it comes to young, healthy people.

So this is a clear example of the media overtly cherry-picking which statistic they want to overstate in order to maximize fear among the public.