Dr. Fauci is the highest paid U.S. federal employee. No wonder he doesn’t want the pandemic to ever end.

Tyler S. Farley

When you land a sweet gig like Dr. Fauci has that pays you more than anyone else in government, of course you don’t want the gravy train to ever end.

As reported by Forbes, it turns out that Dr. Fauci is the highest paid federal employee, raking in a cool $417, 608. Such a total puts him above the president as well as every other federal employee in America.

I’m not sure what exactly justifies Dr. Fauci to make more money than the president, but whatever the reason is there seems to be a little conflict there.

Imagine if you were a pest exterminator and a local business hired you at the rate of $400K a year to get rid of a rat problem. Would you ever really want those rats to truly go away? I doubt it. You would probably kill a few rats here and there, and when the client asked for an update you would make up stories about how tough these rats are to eradicate. When the client started getting suspicious or started seeing less rats, you would probably invent a story that a whole new colony of rats had just moved in, requiring even more of your pest control services.

But with the news of Fauci’s luxurious salary and lifestyle, the more shocking part is he’s made no effort to hide it.

Fauci living it up as America is locked down

Even when it was totally obvious that the optics of him throwing out the first pitch at an MLB game were terrible, he did it anyway to pump up his own ego.

Not only that, he then was treated to watch the entire game by himself, so he basically got an entire MLB game to be played exclusively for him as the rest of the country was locked down in their homes struggling to pay bills.

So yeah, don’t expect Dr. Fauci to be the one to declare the pandemic is over. He never wants it to end.

The truth is, the pandemic ends when the people decide they’ve had enough. The politicians and bureaucrats will never end it because as we now see with Dr. Fauci, they’re all benefiting from it.