The rash of world leaders resigning seems very similar to the record number of CEOs that resigned before Covid was released. Do the elites know something worse is coming?

Tyler S. Farley

Right at the start of the pandemic, people started to notice that there was a very strange occurrence among some of the wealthiest and most connected businessmen in the world. At the time I wrote this article about it and it became one of the most popular stories of the year.

Before the release of Covid-19, a record number of CEO’s all resigned. In late 2019, over 1300 CEO’s resigned. Then in January alone another 219 resigned.

This unprecedented number raised red flags a few months after the fact when the pandemic was started. Did these CEO’s have some insider knowledge that things were about to turn ugly?

Well, history is repeating itself but this time with world leaders. Leaders from Germany’s Angela Merkel to the Italian prime minister have all announced either their resignations or there choice to not seek reelection.

Leaders from the following countries are among the resignations:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Congo
  • Bulgaria
  • New Zealand
  • Kuwait
  • Armenia
  • Iceland

World leaders rarely want to give up power, at least not voluntarily. So what is it that they see coming down the road that makes them finally want to bow out of leadership after fighting so hard to stay in power?

There are several possible explanations. The first being that world leaders are well aware of a global economic downturn accelerating in the very near future. Central banks have already printed an ungodly amount of money, so the bailouts will be coming to end. In America , one-third of all the currency printed in the entire history of the country was printed in 2020 alone. Most other countries aren’t far behind that metric.

Such money printing can’t go on for much longer, and the inflation and other problems associated with such a wild printing spree will soon be seen by everyone.

Another possibility is civil unrest. Eventually the truth about the pandemic will come out, just as the truth always comes out about large scale “black swan” events. Whether it be wars, 9/11, or in this case a pandemic, the truth of the origins always comes out.

When people around the world realize their lives were upended and futures destroyed for what appears to be a mild virus outbreak, they will not be happy. They will want someone to be held responsible, and they will be looking to the leaders who imposed lockdowns and economic hardships for over a year.

So it’s very possible we are entering a period of global civil unrest, and the leaders responsible are running away to avoid the masses who may come with pitchforks and torches in hand.

Then of course there is the unknown as there always is. Is there something we can’t even see yet on the horizon that these leaders are aware of?

The same way very few people expected a global pandemic, perhaps another black swan event is just around the corner. Of course, at this rate we have to stop calling them black swans and instead start referring to them as annual events perpetrated by the global elites.

But whatever is coming, it’s probably not good for the average citizen out there. When the elites start fleeing for the hills, it means the hurricane is already on its way.