Biden is about have the most disgraceful inauguration in American history.

Tyler S. Farley

As we sit one day away from Biden’s likely inauguration, there is one thing that is perfectly clear. His inauguration will go down as one of the worst in history, if not the worst.

From simply an optics standpoint, Biden’s inauguration will be something never before seen, and not in a good way.

Assuming the event even takes place, the plan is to have a giant TV screen in a mostly empty plaza where Biden will address the nation “virtually”.

As if that wasn’t enough to give off dystopian vibes, the whole “event” will be surrounded by 25K military troops. To put that in perspective, it’s almost 5 times the amount of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

So you’ll have what the media tells us is the most popular president of all time giving his address via a jumbo-tron and surrounded by the current largest deployment of U.S. military personnel anywhere.

But I suppose Democrats know this won’t be a good look, even for the handful of Americans that actually do like Biden. So they’ve planned a TV special to ring in Biden’s arrival to the White House. The television propaganda event will be hosted by none other than Tom Hanks, the first celebrity to catch covid-19 and officially kick off the “pandemic” that helped Biden steal the election.

But will anybody watch this star-studded event? If the ratings for current similar televised events like the Oscars are any indication, then the answer is no.

Americans have rejected such celebrity televised events, mostly due to their overt political nature. The Oscar’s have crashed in the ratings because they have become less about movies and more about political grandstanding during the acceptance speeches.

The Tom Hanks’ event won’t even have the facade of a real ceremony and will simply be 100% political grandstanding.

My guess is that the televised event will be a total flop and just another aspect of the Biden inauguration that will be seen as the worst of all time.

But then we have the x factor of Trump himself. Always the expert showman, I’m sure he has something planned for that morning to steal what little thunder Biden may have left.

Trump will be leaving the White House at 8 a.m. on inauguration day, but he will still hold the power of the presidency until noon. He’s been mostly silent since the protest on January 6th, so people are eager to hear what he has to say, including those in the media who may despise him but can’t help but cover his every move.

I suspect Trump will unleash a flurry of pardons that morning, with a few designed to the get the media’s attention so they are forced to cover it.

Trump could also plan to announce the new platform he is moving to after being banned from most social media sites over the past week. This news would also be covered extensively by the media as they look to get a head start on attacking the platform Trump is planning on moving to.

So Trump has a lot of ways to steal the attention away from Biden on his big day. And these are just the ways we know about. There may be more declassifications that are announced as well.

All of these options don’t bode well for Biden’s inauguration. There will be no photos of large crowds for the history books. Instead, the only photos will show razor wire, armed soldiers, and a giant TV screen showing a prerecorded speech by a senile old man.

Not a good look.