Protesting is dead. The FBI and the media can spin events however they want. Here’s how you outsmart the narrative.

Tyler S. Farley

Protesting is officially dead.

You’re free to still try it, but it will have no effect. In fact, I don’t believe protesting has been effective for quite some time.

The problem has become that the FBI and the media can work together to spin any protest into whatever they want. If it’s violent and they want it to be seen as peaceful, they simply declare it peaceful and the FBI puts out fake information that any violence was caused by out-of-state agitators.

If the protest is peaceful but they want it violent, the FBI puts in a few of their paid informants to stir things up and then the media blows it all up for days and days calling everyone involved a terrorist.

Either way, you can’t win with protesting if you’re on the side of truth. That’s just the way it is now so hats off to the FBI and the media for their little victory.

However, there is a way to outsmart their narrative and in fact it’s what got Trump’s MAGA movement so huge in the first place.

Holding rallies is the key to outsmarting this narrative. Holding rallies in friendly locations, not disputed locations, so this way if any violence breaks out it’s clear it was from outsiders.

It’s no different from Trump’s political rallies that were all held in friendly locations. There was no violence because any group that tried to infiltrate couldn’t blend in and then blame Trump supporters. Why would Trump supporters start a riot or violence at their own rally inside a friendly location? This simple logic is what can outsmart the media’s narrative.

I know some people reading that are probably thinking it all sounds too much like sunshine and rainbows. They are angry and they want to show that they’re angry by protesting.

But stop and think about it. Protesting isn’t really about the locations or showing anger. It’s about showing the establishment that you can organize in huge numbers around a single message. It’s about showing that your numbers are growing. That’s the whole goal.

So as long as Trump supporters congregate in large numbers, it doesn’t matter where it is. It proves the MAGA movement is still going strong and still growing, which it is. That’s the point of a protest and that’s what holding safe rallies in friendly locations will do.

Trump and his supporters did a great job over the last few years. His vote totals in 2020 grew by a larger margin than any other incumbent president in history. That was all done with rallies and positive action, not protesting.

We need to keep growing the MAGA movement until a tipping point is reached where the fake news media can no longer push their narrative and have it stick. We are almost there, and we just need to grow a little bit more before we are the solid and vocal majority.

So what will these rallies look like? They will be almost exactly like Trump’s political rallies in 2016 and in 2020. Properties can be found that are willing to host the events. A small fee can be charged to people who attend to cover the cost if needed.

At the rallies there can be Conservative guests who speak along with music. For the most part they will be just like the political rallies we have all become accustomed to.

But this is the way we can outsmart the FBI’s and media’s coordination to steal the narrative of any protest. By completely avoiding the word or connotation of a protest and refusing to hold them in disputed or hot button areas, we take back the narrative.

By holding rallies in our own locations, we can assure that any violence that breaks out was clearly the result of outsiders coming in, and they will be easy to identify.

For two straight elections cycles Trump rallies have been overwhelmingly positive and completely free from any violence. The MAGA movement needs to go back to that strategy to take back the narrative and show that the movement is stronger than ever and still fighting to Make America Great Again.

I know there will be some push-back against this strategy because people are angry and want to show their anger. But we have to work with the system that is in place right now. And right now the narrative of any protest, no matter how justified, can be twisted. If we don’t adjust our strategy, we play right into their hands.

The world is changing, and we need to change and adapt faster to win this information war.

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