If you think Donald J. Trump is just going to retire and live out his days on some ranch, you better think again.

Tyler S. Farley

As the election winds down and the reality of what happened is setting in on both Trump supporters and political independents, there is still hope in the air and it lies with our president, Donald Trump.

While most presidents who leave office retire into obscurity only emerging to make an appearance at a charity event here and there, don’t expect Trump to follow that script.

Donald Trump has been reinventing himself throughout his entire life, and each time he does, he achieves greater success.

Trump started his career by becoming the most recognizable real estate developer in the world. Buildings and properties bearing the Trump name are still found in many countries around the world. He built a thriving empire that has only expanded over the years.

But then he reinvented himself in the era of reality TV to become the most successful TV star of the era. Breaking ratings records and attracting tens of millions of fans every week to his hit show The Apprentice.

But Trump wasn’t done. Always one to spot the trends and use it for his reinvention, he became one of the first big stars on social media. Ultimately attracting nearly 80 million followers to his Twitter account.

But even after that, he wasn’t finished. His most recent reinvention was his first foray into politics. And in his first ever political campaign, he destroyed the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty to become President of the United States in 2016. All in his first ever political campaign and with less money by far than any of his competitors.

So you should start to see a trend in Trumps trajectory. He never retires. He never goes away. He just keeps reinventing himself and achieving even greater success than he had before.

So as his presidency winds down, don’ believe that Trump will simply go away and allow his mistreatment to go unpunished.

Given Trump’s past success with spotting cultural changes and reinventing himself, he already knows what the future holds and what he must do to capture it and build on his success.

Trump was the only modern president to stand up and take on the deep state. For him, he always plays the long game and I’m sure he’s already working on plans to come back stronger and expose those corrupt forces who worked against him.

Will he build a new political party to restore America to greatness? Will he take down big tech and bring back open and free discussion to the internet?

As for now we just have to wait to see. But make no mistake that if past is prologue, Trump is nowhere near finished and his next move will likely have greater success than he’s ever achieved before, and that’s going to be something beautiful to behold.

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