Trump is now the leader of the NEW Republican party. The old party died on 1-06-2021

Tyler S. Farley

Eventually even the greatest fighters are overwhelmed by odds no man can overcome. In the case of Trump, for four years he single handidly fought China, the CIA, the FBI, Democrats, tech giants, and a fake media bent on destroying him from day one.

Any other man wouldn’t have lasted a month. But Trump not only took on those enemies for 4 years, he won and still managed to accomplish more in one term than any other president before him.

Biggest of all, his followers and him did it alone. He received no support from the Republican party.

But that’s where act two of the Trump story is going to pick up. Trump is now officially the leader of the New Republican Party.

The old party has died. The GOP establishment no longer has any support among Trump’s 75 million supporters. In political terms, the GOP is the lame duck, and the New party of Trump will be taking over.

After 4 years of luke warm support from the GOP, their final betrayal on January 6th was all that was needed to seal their fate. The party is dead, and there is no coming back for the GOP of old.

Even with all the craziness going on over the last 24 hours, Trump could still hold a rally tomorrow and draw 100K people.

The reason for it is simple. People know Trump delivered. He delivered in a tangible way with an economy that shattered all records during his presidency. But he also delivered in more intangible ways, and ways that may turn out to be even more important.

Trump exposed the deep corruption in America that has gone on for way too long. He exposed the FBI, CIA, and the fake news media. He exposed that the American Republic had devolved into an oligarchy in need of saving.

These were all things rank and file voters in the Republican party would have never believed. But now they understand it all too well.

So Trump’s full legacy is still to be written despite what he has achieved already. For most, what he has done in 4 years would be enough to cement their legacy as one of the greatest presidents of all time. But for Trump, there is an encore.

That encore will be rebuilding the New Republican party into a party of fighters. A populist and nationalist party that promotes Trump’s “America First” policy. This will be the party that will help steer America in a new direction over the coming decades.

It won’t happen overnight, but it starts today.

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