The coup’s final act – Role Reversal – The overthrowers declare themselves heroes while the people are labeled as villains.

Tyler S. Farley

The 4 year slow motion coup against Trump’s populist movement reached a crescendo on January 6th, just as many had predicted. People were not sure exactly how things would turn out on that day, but everybody knew it would be a historic turning point one way or the other.

As it turned out, the coup perpetrators completed their final act that occurs in every coup. Once the perpetrators have illegally installed themselves into power, the roles are immediately reversed. The overthrowers declare themselves to be the heroes of the day, and they label the opposition terrorists and enemies of the state.

In this case, after Capitol Police killed 4 unarmed Americans, the Senators and Congressman went back to their chambers and declared themselves the true heroes of the day. Mitch McConnell declared that his colleagues and himself stood strong in the face of an illegal attack and refused to back down. The ruling class cowards patted themselves on the back so hard it could be heard from coast to coast.

Of course, nothing Mitch McConnell said could be further from the truth and it was a complete reversal of how events actually unfolded.

But such things happen in every coup. Victors write the history, and the history for today is that Trump and his supporters are now clearly the enemies of the American establishment.

But for Trump supporters this position is nothing new. We’ve all been in this position for the last four years. We’ve been called deplorables, racists, Nazis, and everything in between. The media has tried to portray us as domestic terrorists and every technology company has tried to silence us. So for Trump supporters, this isn’t exactly our first rodeo.

Deep inside I think we all knew this day was coming. An easy victory was never in the cards, and collectively it was something we all knew but felt was better left unsaid.

But now it’s all been exposed. The coup is complete and the American government has been exposed as a fraud for all to see. Complete with fake elections and a murderous ruling class that kills its own citizens then declares themselves heroes…All in the span of a few hours.

So yes, this was a sad day. It was a sad day for many reasons. But it is also the beginning. The beginning of the fight we all knew was coming one day.

And today was that day.

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