D.C. area police need to understand they’ll be representing police nationwide on the 6th. If they treat Trump supporters unfairly, police forces will lose their last ally in this country.

Tyler S. Farley

I fully understand that this will be a touchy subject for some. Police forces have been under attack in recent months, and I fully understand they have a very difficult job and are often put in terrible positions.

So what I’m writing about here is not an attack on police, but simply an explanation of where we are in America and where police forces currently sit in that matrix.

As American police forces have come under attack, their largest base of support has undoubtedly been Trump supporters and even Trump himself.

While local politicians attacked their own police forces and threatened to disband them, Trump and his supporters have stood by them.

However, Trump supporters will not put their respect and support of police officers above their own liberty.

As we approach January 6th, Trump supporters increasingly feel as though this is the last stand to save what is left of the American dream. If the establishment is able to oust Trump illegally, it will open up the floodgates and what we’ve seen over the last few years will only accelerate, and the America we all know and love will be lost forever.

With that being said, Trump supporters watched over the summer as BLM rioters and looters were given free reign in major cities across America. Many police departments were given orders to stand down as businesses were looted and even business owners were murdered or beaten.

We all understand that sometimes you have to follow orders. But if on January 6th the police show Trump supporters zero tolerance and exert their authority more than what was witnessed over the summer across America, Trump supporters will not be happy.

If police harass or unfairly impede Trump supporters in an organized way, the last block of support for police around the country will be lost. As I wrote earlier, Trump supporters fully back the police, but that backing will not supersede their own sense of duty to protect their country.

I have no doubt authorities in D.C. will be ordering their police forces to behave much more strict and heavy handed with Trump supporters. We’ll have to wait and see if police follow those orders should things start to get out of hand.

This isn’t a call to drop support for the police, in fact it’s the opposite. I believe D.C area police will ultimately do the right thing and Trump supporters will be allowed to have their day unimpeded by an overbearing police presence.

But whatever happens in regards to Trump supporters and D.C. area police, it will have nationwide implications. Trump supporters aren’t just looking at January 6th as a day of protest, they are looking at it as the beginning of a last stand. If police unfairly get in their way, Trump supporters will not soon forget it.

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