Pelosi and McConnell’s homes being vandalized shows that the establishment has created a divide they can no longer control.

Tyler S. Farley

Over the weekend news reports started to circulate that both Nancy Pelosi’s home as well as Mitch McConnell’s home were vandalized.

In both cases, spray painted messages demanding either increased government payouts to citizens or rent cancellation were painted on their door. In the case of Nancy Pelosi’s home, a severed pig’s head was also left behind in a pool of red paint.

Vandalized home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi

These two incidents, while not very severe and will most likely not even by covered in the news by Monday, may be more significant than they appear on first glance.

For decades the establishment has played the public like a fiddle. Controlling the two party system and causing Americans to squabble among each other as those in power all belonged to the same ruling class.

The political parties were mostly for show, a way to translate the wants of the elite into something that could be sold to the masses.

This system of divide and conquer worked for many decades. But now it appears as though the establishment has gone too far.

In the last four years, and especially the last year, the establishment has put their divide and conquer machine into overdrive. I don’t need to present any evidence that the country is more divided than ever, all one needs to do is simply be alive and they can tell you that.

But now it appears as though they have created a monster that they can no longer control. The two party divide has now splintered. The far-left no longer even supports the Democrats. And the Republican party is shifting into a populist party that hates the old GOP establishment and sees Trump’s “America First” policy as their new guiding light.

So now with the political parties fracturing, there is no longer a way for the establishment ruling class to control the monster they’ve created over the years. A monster that grew stronger and stronger, until 2020 when the establishment pumped it full of steroids and it became the uncontrollable juggernaut that it is.

The incidents at Nancy Pelosi’s and Mitch McConnell’s homes were not the first of their kind. Over the year, these attacks have been becoming more common.

In Seattle, even after Mayor Jenny Durkan approved of the “Autonomous Zone” that was erected in the middle of the city, far-left protesters descended on her home, demanding even more concessions.  A perfect example of how the establishment no longer had control, even when they tried to play along.

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler suffered the same fate. His apartment condo was attacked by protesters lighting off commercial fireworks in the lobby and shining bright lasers at the building. He was eventually forced to move out. Pretty significant when you realize the mayor of a large city was forced out of his own home.

So don’t be surprised if this doesn’t end here and instead escalates. The establishment created a monster so large to try to oust President Trump that it has now grown out of control. And the opposition is now growing as well. Combine that with the splintering of these different groups and you have something that can longer be controlled.

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