Regardless of the election outcome, the American civil war starts on January 6th.

Tyler S. Farley

For several years there has been talk about a coming American civil war. Such talk wasn’t coming from the fringes, but instead it has slowly become a mainstream talking point as far-left propaganda and fake news drives the country towards insanity.

Well, if you were looking for the exact date the civil war starts, it’s looking to be January 6th, the day that congress officially counts the Electoral College votes.

With the election still up in the air, President Donald J. Trump has called on his followers to arrive in Washington D.C. for that day. It is scheduled to be a protest, but also a show of force for those in government to see that Trump still has the support of the people.

As for how that day will actually turn out in regards to the political maneuvers that will take place, it’s still anybody’s guess. Nothing is for certain at this point.

But one thing is clear. No matter the outcome there will be civil unrest. It most likely won’t start that day. There will be no violent clash that marks the day America’s new civil war starts. But as time goes on, people will look back and say that’s when the fight for America’s future began.

Our media, tech companies, and most of our government has been corrupted. Regardless of who wins the election, the fight against those evil forces will continue for years, maybe even decades.

If Trump wins, those forces will incite rioting and violence exactly as they did during the summer, but on a much larger scale. The devastation will dwarf the billions of dollars of damage we witnessed in cities across America earlier this year.

If Biden wins, nearly 80 million Trump supporters will have just witnessed their right to a fair election stolen from right under their nose. They will have seen the media, tech companies, and both sides of government complicit in the steal. They will not be happy and they will not let their populist movement go gently into that dark goodnight.

So as you can see, January 6th can only have one presidential winner, but the fight will only be just beginning. The forces that have so far tried to steal this election and plunge the world into economic chaos are still alive and well, and will be even more motivated one way or the other after the election.


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