The announcement of the Hunter Biden investigation is a classic Soviet-era tactic. The establishment is letting you know they can protect or destroy anyone they want to.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s another layer to the admission that there has been an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden despite the media telling everyone before the election that such allegations were false.

The truth is, they aren’t really investigating Hunter Biden in any meaningful way. The FBI has known all about his dealings for years, they did nothing then and they will do nothing now.

The true reason it was admitted that he is under investigation is two-fold. The first is so they can clean up the mess. Similar to AG Barr’s fake investigation into the Russia hoax origins, the FBI will use the cover of this fake investigation to clear Hunter of any wrongdoing. This way, anytime the allegations are brought up again the media can easily claim the allegations have been debunked after a “thorough” investigation.

But the second reason for the revelation is abit more tricky, and much more sinister. It’s actually a classic Soviet-era style technique and a special form of propaganda.

Propaganda isn’t always meant to trick you or shape public opinion. While it’s true that in the early stages of a propaganda campaign this may be the goal, once the establishment has taken control, the propaganda shifts gears and fulfills a new purpose – Demoralization.

Demoralizing propaganda is a technique where the establishment puts out information you know is incorrect, but that’s the whole point of it. The goal is to make you realize they can lie directly to your face, and you are powerless to push back. You must accept their lie. In the old Soviet Union this was referred to as the “official lie”. A knowingly false statement or explanation from the state that everyone must pretend is the truth.

This is exactly the goal with the timing of the admission that Hunter Biden is being investigated. The message being sent is that the establishment can protect or destroy anyone they want. They can even do it to the same person just weeks apart, and all you can do is play along.

Such a message is meant for everybody, not just Trump supporters. It’s meant for others in the establishment including Joe Biden himself. Joe Biden is now compromised by his own government. He knows that if he steps out of line or doesn’t follow orders, his family is right back in the crosshairs for their misdeeds. But if he plays ball, his family can go right back to their illegal ways and be protected as they were prior to the election.

This is a classic power move, and it should be one that frightens every American. The FBI has spent the last four years proving that they are nothing but a political hit squad. They target enemies of the establishment, and protect those who go along with the corruption. But what makes this latest episode so troubling is the fact that they are intentionally making their actions as brazen and as in-your-face as possible.

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