Was Powell and Wood’s call to not vote a clever strategy to force Republican officials to focus on the Presidential election fight first or risk losing their own seats?

Tyler S. Farley

There was some strange friendly fire yesterday and into today when Sydney Powell and Lin Wood urged Georgia residents to not vote in the upcoming run-off election. They both asked voters to boycott the election to demonstrate that the voting system is still open to fraud.

It wasn’t long after that statement that the GOP establishment went into attack mode. News outlets including Brietbart put out a smear story linking Wood to several prominent Democrats and accused him of being a fake supporter of the President’s efforts, or possibly even worse, a plant.

However, there may have been a strategy behind the move and now it appears as though maybe it even worked.

Until now many local Republican officials have shown that they have decided to not continue to fight for Trump. Especially in Georgia, Governor Kemp was quick to turn his back on Trump and move on after the election.

But Wood’s call to boycott the election suddenly frightened GOP members. If Trump supporters did boycott the state’s elections, they would have no choice of winning their seats. The truth is there is no Republican party anymore, it’s Trump’s party and the voters follow Trump, not the party.

So any chance that Trump supporters would withhold their vote to punish Republicans is a scary thought for the GOP. So what better way to get them back to supporting Trump’s election fight than to scare them with the thought of losing the support of 75 million people.

As of now, it appears as though it has worked. Governor Kemp has now called for a signature based audit of mail-in ballots, something he opposed for weeks and something Trump has been asking for on a daily basis.

Also, reports are out today that Trump personally spoke with Powell and Wood via a phone call to find a resolution, and it appears as though they have. Although the phone call is unofficial and only rumored to have happened, Axios reported from several sources that the phone call indeed took place.

So in the end it seems like the legal duo of Powell and Wood pulled off a classic legal move. They pressured the GOP to fall in line with their efforts through a shrewd negotiating tactic that forced Republicans to worry about their own political futures. And if there’s something we know about politicians, they always look out for themselves first. That’s something Powell and Wood used against them.

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