Vaccines will become the new mask debate…Until the next thing comes along.

Tyler S. Farley

If you’ve grown tired of the ongoing and ridiculous mask debate, which is nothing more than a tactic for the elites to try to shift blame for the fake pandemic onto imaginary “anti-maskers”, then get ready because there’s a new debate coming.

That debate will be vaccine vs. anti-vaccine.

In reality nothing is going to really change. Instead of berating people for not wearing a mask, people will simply be berated because they chose to not take a highly risky vaccine for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate.

Governors that now hold daily press conferences demanding that people wear masks and socially distance will shift gears and start instead attacking people who refuse to get vaccinated.

Social media will be filled with pro-vaccine posts. They will use the same tactic as the pro-mask people. They will claim the lockdowns and restrictions would all go away if people just wore masks…Oops, I mean get vaccinated. As you can see, it will be the exact same argument. They will claim all the lockdowns and restrictions are your own fault. If you would just be an obedient little slave, you can have your freedom again.

Of course, we all know that’s nonsense. Falling in line and obeying authority is no way to ever get your freedom back. Getting injected with an unproven and untested vaccine that was rushed to market is definitely not a way to get your freedom back.

So I have no doubt the debates will rage on into next year, and possibly beyond. Instead of masks, people will blame anti-vaxxers for the ongoing destruction of their civil liberties. All the while China will continue to get a free pass for being the ones that created this whole pandemic.

China created the virus. China refused to notify the world when the virus got out. China refused to cooperate with world health authorities for weeks and even months once the virus was identified.

The truth is, if China acted appropriately there would be no covid-19 pandemic. But yet you will never hear a peep in the mainstream media about blaming China. Nor will you hear any blame from progressive governors and mayors as they continue to blame their own constituents for the China virus.

So if you have any memes saved up from the mask debate, dust those off and change the word “masks” to “vaccines” and you’ll be all ready to post on social media next year.

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