Why William Barr and Robert Mueller are two sides of the same coin. Government lifers sent in to clean up when establishment corruption gets exposed.

Tyler S. Farley

In a shocking but also not-so-shocking sort of way, Bill Barr continued to expose himself as a total deep state goon.

After hyping up his investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax for nearly a year, he delivered nothing…absolutely nothing. It was all just a smokescreen to appease the over 70 million Americans who demanded justice over the fake impeachment of their president. But in the end, Barr and his team didn’t deliver anything.

Today, Barr kept up his loser ways by stating that the DOJ has found no evidence of widespread fraud in regards to the 2020 election. An almost comical statement when new evidence is literally being discovered on an hourly basis. From shady vote count totals that mysteriously changed from Trump to Biden, to districts where there were more ballots cast than living residents, the evidence is becoming so overwhelming that Trump’s lawyers are having trouble processing it all in a timely manner.

But none of that matters to Bill Barr. After zero investigation or even just opening his eyes, he declared that no widespread fraud has taken place. A statement which cements his status among the other government lifers who operate as clean-up men, like Robert Mueller.

You see, Bill Barr and Robert Mueller are two sides of the same coin. They’re government lifers, which means they got to the positions they did because they went along and followed orders, not because they fought the system.

Such behavior is the basis of corruption, and it’s why huge organizations can become corrupt from the top down. Nobody in these organizations has any chance of rising up the ranks if they start calling out misdeeds and illegal behavior. So what you have is the worst of the worst, the most obedient slaves, are the ones who rise to the top.

Such is the case with Barr and Mueller. Both are obedient to their establishment masters despite their claims of being “tough fighters”. Instead they fight to protect the establishment when wrongdoing comes to light. They are essentially the clean-up crew. Sent in under the guise of getting to the bottom of things, but in reality are just there to sweep everything under the rug and make the problem go away.

This is exactly what Robert Mueller was sent in to do. In this case, the Democrat rank and file voters were the ones who got played. They were promised a hard-hitting investigation by Robert Mueller, who was being billed as the toughest investigator around. But in the end his job wasn’t to investigate anything related to Trump, instead it was to protect those involved who tried to frame Trump and spy on his campaign. The real wrongdoing was against Trump, and the wrongdoers got exposed. Muller was sent in to clean up the mess, and that’s what he did.

Bill Barr has now proven he’s no different. First sent in to investigate the origins of the Russia hoax. But just like with Mueller, only this time with Republicans, he promised a hard-hitting investigation that would get to the truth. However, his job was no different than what Mueller had done a year earlier. His job was to clean up the mess all the while pretending to get to the bottom of things.

As you can now see quite clearly, these two men serve the exact same purpose and serve the exact same masters. They pretend to be tough-as-nails prosecutors who will finally get to the bottom of what has enraged the public. But in the end that’s not what they do at all. Instead of investigating, they make the problem go away so that the establishment is cleared of any wrongdoing. A few sacrificial lambs are presented and embarrassed, but in the end the establishment is protected. And that’s all these two men are paid to do.

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