After reading through Sydney Powell’s two lawsuits it becomes apparent this fraud had to have been managed from the top. But who was the quarterback?

Tyler S. Farley

Sydney Powell delivered on her promise of releasing the “Kraken” as it had been dubbed by Trump supporters and Powell herself. Two huge lawsuits were filed by Powell late in the night right before Thanksgiving. One lawsuit in Michigan and another in Georgia.

Both lawsuits describe a sprawling operation to rig the vote counting and tilt the 2020 election results in favor of Joe Biden.

Initially the complaint describes an old-fashioned ballot stuffing operation, but in this case on a massive and coordinated scale. Then the complaint went on to describe in detail how the voting software used called Dominion had been installed in these states and approved by local officials despite having obvious and glaring security issues.

There is much more information in the two lawsuits which anyone can read here. I won’t be going into every detail of the lawsuits, but instead I want to focus on one thing that jumped out at me immediately after reading them both.

Any operation this widespread and requiring this much preparation must have been organized in a top down fashion. This was not the result of totally independent entities all working alone and just happened to have the same goal. Instead, this was clearly managed from the top. Somebody was calling the shots and they were doing it early on to put all the pieces in place to pull off this operation.

Another aspect that points to coordination is that the fraud took place in states and districts in such a way that the electoral math worked out perfectly for Joe Biden. So clearly this was organized in a top down manner and done ins such a way so that all the moving parts would come together as needed. And let’s not forget, these two lawsuits are only the first ones, this same fraud took place in every pivotal state.

Of course that begs the question, who was the one calling the shots?

Such a question brings up a list of usual suspects, but right at the top of that list would be someone like former CIA Director John Brennan.

Despite being the former director and “officially” retired, John Brennan still has an office at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It’s not just some office they keep as a memory of their former director, John Brennan works out of the office on a daily basis despite his claims of being “retired”.

Just a little over a month ago, when a team of investigators working with Attorney General Bill Barr had to interview John Brennan, they did so at his office at CIA headquarters. So it’s quite obvious that John Brennan still works with the CIA on essentially a full time basis, but now without the pesky “rules” that official employees have to follow.

Such a setup gives Brennan a huge amount of resources and cover to manage an operation such as the election scandal of 2020.

Even more telling is Brennan’s close relationship and loyalty to Barack Obama, someone who also chose to continue running a shadow office of government after his official “retirement”.

Most former Presidents leave office and remove themselves from the political process. They either retire to their home state, or get involved with charity and humanitarian efforts. Often taking a mostly apolitical view on current events. Think Jimmy Carter, for example.

But Obama was totally different. Immediately after leaving office, he set up shop in a multi-million dollar office in Washington D.C. where he planned on running what he described as an “activist” headquarters. Even Democrat insiders understood Obama wanted to be a powerful force in government after his presidency and wanted to play the role of “kingmaker” to further push his agendas.

So here we have two men, one a former CIA director who publicly despises Trump and the other a former president who both “retired” yet run an obvious shadow government office to push their agendas. In Brennan’s case, he even operates out of a government office still. So in reality, did these two even leave government or were they simply freed from the rules they had to follow while officially employed?

At this point, being only a day after Powell’s lawsuits have been filed, this is clearly speculation as to who was in charge of the operation from the beginning. But it should be obvious to almost anyone with experience in politics and government that there is no way such a sprawling and widespread effort didn’t have a quarterback to oversee the whole process and make sure certain elements fell into place. The only question now is, who was that person and how soon will the mounting evidence start to point towards a suspect.

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