Notice how for 10 months of this “pandemic” we’ve always been right on the brink of a “dark time” but it never seems to come?

Tyler S. Farley

If you’ve followed the news at all recently I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “dark winter” uttered by Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, and many others for the past several weeks.

The term is being used to express how dire the upcoming months will be in regards to the pandemic. It will be worse than we’ve ever experienced or even imagined. At least that’s what they want you to believe.

But if all of this sounds a little familiar, it’s because it is. For over 10 months we’ve been hearing about an upcoming dark period that’s just a matter of weeks away. We have been told countless times that the death counts lag the case counts by a few weeks, and soon there will be more dead bodies than places to put them.

Of course, this never happens. The supposed dark times never seem to arrive. People are still going to restaurants, bars, and vacation tourist spots.

Early this year, Dr. Fauci and others told us of a dark time that was coming in the early spring. Field hospitals were erected on school football fields. Even the famed New York City landmark Central Park was transformed into a field hospital. All of it was in preparation for the dark times just around the corner.

But a funny thing happened. The field hospitals were never used. Many, if not all never even saw one single patient. The one in Central Park saw zero patients.

A giant naval hospital ship was also dispatched to the East Coast. This was to handle the thousands of patients sure to be left out on the street otherwise. But in total, the hospital ship only saw 17 patients. It was never even needed.

But there have been more dark times that never materialized. After every holiday Dr. Fauci assures us there will be a dark time to follow. After Easter, after Independence Day, and now after Thanksgiving and Christmas, there will all be dark times.

This never-ending pattern of promised disaster that never comes is proof this whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

Simple logic would dictate that if we were always on the precipice of complete disaster, it would have happened by now. If an airborne virus was truly as deadly as they say, the dark times would have already come. Nothing we have done has kept it at bay, the only reason the dark times haven’t come is because they’re never coming. It’s all a scare tactic.

If we are entering a “dark winter”, why has the CDC chosen to stop tracking flu cases around the country? Wouldn’t this year actually be the most important year to track flu cases so you can identify hot-spots and differentiate between covid hot spots and flu hot-spots. It would seem flu data would be more critical this year than any other year. But no, the CDC has determined it’s not even worth tracking. So I guess the only dark part about this winter is the total blackout of usable data.

When someone keeps threatening you with a doomsday scenario that never arrives, they’re either misinformed or they’re trying to intentionally drive you into a panic. Considering the people telling us about this so-called dark winter are scientists, such as Dr. Fauci, I think it’s pretty clear they are not misinformed. So that only leaves option B, and I think they’ve done a pretty good job with that.

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