The events in Michigan on Tuesday make it clear. Republican officials need to fear Trump supporters more than they fear the media’s attacks and doxxing.

Tyler S. Farley

Tuesday was a wild day in Michigan and was full of twists and turns, as I’m sure you’re aware.

The day started out with the shocking news that the Wayne County Board of Canvassers were deadlocked and would not sign off on the election results due to the many voter irregularities.

But then by early evening the two Republican members of the board caved. Suddenly the vote was unanimous.

Although the final agreement does call for the Secretary of State to audit the vote totals in certain precincts, how did two members of the board go from calling the results fraudulent to certifying the results, all in a matter of hours?

Well, the answer is quite simple, they were coerced. The media went into full attack mode, first doxxing the two Republicans on social media, then attacking them with accusations of racism.

It didn’t take long for these weak Republicans to cave under the pressure. Instead of doing what was right, they simply did what was easiest so they could return to their cushy lives of doing no real work for the people.

I wrote about this very thing just the other day as you can read here. The truth is, we cannot count on local or state Republicans to do what’s right when these crucial election decisions start coming up.

It’s very likely that 2 or more states will be overturned in the coming days, which will send the election to state legislatures to choose electors. But as we saw on Tuesday in Michigan, these Republicans will cave under the slightest pressure.

However, if they are so motivated by fear of the media, then the answer is to make them more fearful of Trump supporters. They must be made to understand that if they cave to the media mob and make the coward’s choice, they will never be forgiven, and their careers in public office will be over. Their betrayal will not be forgotten.

So once again, I’m calling on Trump supporters as well as myself to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear. Contact these local representatives as often as you can. Phone calls, emails, letters, and even in-person demonstrations.

To find the contact information for local and state officials, you can start here.

Politicians often act out of fear, fear that the people they anger will force them out of office and out of the cushy jobs they’ve become accustomed to. If they feel one constituency will simply roll over while another will fight, they will always screw over the group willing to roll over. It’s the safest political bet, and that’s how these coward Republicans are thinking.

Don’t forget, Trump supporters are over 70 million strong. The media has tricked some of us into thinking we are a small group of rebels, but our numbers are huge. If we make our voices heard, Republican officials will realize they have much more to fear from us then from the media.

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