Goodbye endless wars. Hello endless pandemics.

Tyler S. Farley

It only took about 50 years, but Americans of every political affiliation finally grew tired of endless wars. The constant propping up of some third-world dictator by the MIC to look like the greatest threat to American democracy has finally stopped working.

Sure, those in the intelligence community and military leadership still put up a fight when Trump called for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but very few Americans openly had much of an appetite for more war, despite what the media tried to portray.

So without wars, what’s the next global calamity that can be pushed on the people in a never-ending deluge of fear-porn?

Welcome to the age of endless pandemics. No, it might not always be a pandemic, but manufactured or exploited global crises will now be the new endless wars.

After the last 10 months, every leader around the world, even local leaders here in America, have become addicted to their newfound powers during their “emergency declarations” brought about due to the pandemic.

Just imagine if you spent your life trying to wiggle your way into a position of political power. You probably always assumed  that once you got there you would have to work with other politicians to get your agenda through. And even then, it would be a compromised version.

But now, during these emergency declarations, local mayors, governors and other leaders have felt the power of the pen. They have had a taste of ruling by decree, bypassing all legislative processes.

Do you really think they’ll give up that power that easy now that they’ve had a taste of it?

But it’s not just local governments, world leaders have come to the same realization.

All of it will make the next “pandemic” that much easier to pull off. Whatever calamity they choose to bring about another “great reset” will be pushed through with almost no resistance. And why should it have any resistance, most every leader who could oppose it is more than happy to be handed more authority, and that’s what these manufactured calamities do.

So by letting your local mayor and governors pretend to be miniature dictators, the establishment has made it so whatever crazy fear-mongering event they push next, local leaders will be quick to jump on board.

And don’t for a minute think it will be years before we see another covid-19 global crisis. I doubt if this crisis will even be fully over before the next one is rolled out.

Think about it like Al-Qaeda, as we were told the last remnants of Al-Qaeda were being destroyed, a new, more violent group was already being pushed by the media – ISIS.

But terrorism seems like ancient history now as such conflicts no longer work in the modern “woke” era. Instead, they need conflicts which strike fear into every global citizen and any denying or push-back is labeled as a conspiracy.

So welcome to the new age. A non-stop barrage where one global crisis after another slowly wears down any will to fight back. All the while, those in power grow stronger and hoard all the newly minted money.

After all, why would this strategy ever go away? Just look at what was accomplished the first time around. Trillions of dollars was printed and spread around elite circles, causing billionaires to increase their net worth by 20% or more in just a matter of weeks.

But bigger than that, they were able to steal an election right in front of everyone without even needing to hide it. Do you really think after making themselves rich and stealing an election that they won’t try it all again?

What’s the disincentive when the first time worked so well?

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