Were the mail-in ballots always just a cover for fake Dominion software-created votes? They needed a cover story to explain where the record number of votes came from.

Tyler S. Farley

As the saga of the 2020 election continues to roll on and new evidence of widespread fraud emerges daily, we are starting to see an even stranger scenario than we first imagined.

Clearly the mail-in ballots were a source of fraud in this election. The knowledge that mail-in and absentee ballots can be used for fraud has been known for decades. Despite the mainstream media saying voter fraud has never existed, the truth is there’s no real debate on this subject. Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting have been around for decades in every major city.

But now as we enter the second week after the election an even more troubling method of fraud has emerged. That method is the very software used to count ballots in over 30 states around the country.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, that software is called Dominion and it is produced by a Canadian company with investment ties to Venezuela and Cuba. On top of the suspicious money flowing into the company, several of the company’s top programmers have been identified as ardent Antifa supporters. So it appears as though Dominion as a company is run on an ideological basis, much like what we’ve seen from Google and Twitter. They only hire those who share the same extreme beliefs as the company itself.

But here is where the nexus between the Dominion rigged software and mail-in ballots exists. Even though mail-in ballots can be a source of fraud, Democrats knew there was no way they could produce the number of illegal ballots necessary to put Joe Biden over the top.

Democrats were well aware that Joe Biden was a deeply flawed candidate and his campaign had almost zero enthusiasm behind it. This was obvious during the Democratic primaries, which is why the DNC had to rig those as well. For two elections in a row, Bernie Sanders was in the lead and had all the momentum, only to have it stolen away from him by an unpopular, DNC-chosen candidate.

So going back to last week’s election, how do you produce millions of fake votes without leaving an obvious trail? It turns out the answer may lie in the software itself that counts the ballots. The mail-in ballots were simply a cover story to explain away where a record number of votes came from.

If there were no mail-in ballots, nobody would believe Joe Biden inspired 75 million people to vote on election day. His rallies barely had over 100 people, and his online rallies sometimes had as few as a dozen concurrent viewers. There is no way anyone would believe 75 million people stood in line on election day to vote for him.

But that’s where the mail-in ballots come in as the cover story. With the slow vote counting they caused, it made it seem as though there was a record turnout for Joe Biden.

But bigger yet, they would cover for the fake votes being injected by the Dominion software. If the software is injecting millions of fake votes, there needs to be some plausible explanation for where they came from. The cover story doesn’t necessarily have to hold up to an audit of the vote counting, it simply needs to appease public opinion so the vote totals don’t seem like a total farce.

Starting next week, the evidence is going to start to emerge that the real target of Trump’s lawyers is going to be the Dominion software itself. Being a foreign company with foreign investments, it falls under the jurisdiction of Trump’s Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

From the order:

(b) Within 45 days of receiving the assessment and information described in section 1(a) of this order, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies and, as appropriate, State and local officials, shall deliver to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Defense a report evaluating, with respect to the United States election that is the subject of the assessment described in section 1(a):

(i) the extent to which any foreign interference that targeted election infrastructure materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, the tabulation of votes, or the timely transmission of election results;…

As you can see, the Dominion software company clearly falls under the jurisdiction of this executive order.

So while things are still playing out and new evidence is emerging on an almost hourly basis, a clear picture is finally starting to emerge. The real culprit here may turn out to be the software used to count the ballots themselves, and the mail-in ballots were simply a cover story for the record-breaking number of votes for a candidate that nobody seemed to like.

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