There’s a new member of the silent majority – Independent and swing voters who suspect there was election fraud but are afraid to speak up.

Tyler S. Farley

Even though this election is yet to be determined, one thing is clear. The silent majority that Donald Trump spoke of on the campaign trail was 100% real. They turned out in record numbers, and pushed Trump past Barack Obama’s previous record for total votes. And these were REAL votes, not fraudulent votes. Not to mention, this doesn’t even take into consideration how many votes were taken away from Trump during the soon-to-be-exposed widespread fraud that took place.

But that silent majority is about to grow even larger, and when it does, the election narrative will break heavily in Trump’s favor.

You can see the media is doing everything in their power to push the narrative that Joe Biden is the clear winner, and anyone who opposes that is labeled nothing but a conspiracy theorist. The reason the media is pushing this narrative so hard is because they know the evidence of fraud is so overwhelming that if the average person takes a moment to be objective, they will start to see how truly suspect it all was.

So the media is doing everything they can to shove this notion of a clear Biden win down the throats of independents and swing voters before they have a chance to look at the facts.

But there’s a problem with that strategy for the Democrats and their allies in the media. Trump has two months to make his case, both in the public and in the courts. The media will not be able to hold this charade up for two months without cracks starting to form.

In fact, you’re already seeing the cracks form. Even hardcore leftists are starting to question the results.

Blue-checkmark SJW Tariq Nasheed has been vocal on Twitter saying there is no way black voters turned out in droves for Joe Biden. As someone who works closely with the black community, Tariq does not believe the vote counts are legitimate.

If Tariq Nasheed is suspicious, I can tell you that millions of independent and swing voters are having the exact same thoughts.

However, once again they have been silenced, as have many Trump supporters out of fear of being shamed or even physically attacked as we have seen happen across America.

So these Americans who know something is off about this election will soon start breaking for Trump in the days and weeks ahead. We have to bring them into the fold with data and evidence, not far-out conspiracies. We have the evidence on our side, and the evidence is all we need.

Once this new silent majority feels free to express their opinions, it will open the floodgates of support for Trump, even more than he had before the election.

So be patient, and be honest. We can’t allow conspiracies and exaggerations to muddy the waters of our cause. If we stick to the overwhelming real evidence, Trump will be riding a wave of support never before seen in modern American politics.

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