Democrats know they can’t close the voting gap. Instead they are setting the foundation for the next 4 years. They will call Trump’s win “illegitimate”. It will be Russia Hoax 2.0.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m sure you all watched it unfold the same way I did. Trump was cruising to a huge victory in every swing state he needed, then suddenly the vote counting stopped and several states announced they won’t be providing results, in some cases until the end of the week.

Most Trump supporters immediately claimed fraud, and in a way they’re right. The Democrats are trying to steal the election, that’s no surprise. But there is something else at play, and it’s a longer plan.

Democrats know they can’t make up the gap in several states, even with fraudulent mail-in ballots. Places like Pennsylvania will loosen the criteria to accept more mail-in ballots in the hopes it will begin to close the margins, but the truth is there is no catching up at this point. And Democrats are well aware of that despite what they say will publicly.

Instead, what they are doing is setting up the foundation for the next four years. They are setting the groundwork for Russia Hoax 2.0. Four years of never ending hearings, and possibly even another impeachment, where this time they claim Trump “stole” the election. Once again it will be 100% projection. They will blame Trump for the crimes they themselves have committed.

But this doesn’t mean Democrats won’t put up a fight in the coming days and weeks. They have to in order to set the groundwork for their upcoming sham hearings. They’ll claim Trump rigged the Supreme Court just so he could steal the election. But for now, expect Democrats to stuff the ballots in the coming days with votes they know will ultimately be rejected by the courts.

So sadly, I make this prediction today. Trump will win reelection in due time, just as he alluded to in his late night address Tuesday. But in the months and years to come, Democrats will unleash the Russia Hoax 2.0 on the American people. The media and tech giants will be complicit, just as they were before.

So yes, Trump and his supporters must fight, but in the end they will win. Unfortunately, Democrats will have set the table so they can spend the next four years crying foul.

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